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Ideology of De La Mettrie Compared to Locke and Kant

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How did the ideology of de La Mettrie compare with Locke and Kant?

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The solution determines how the ideology of de La Mettrie compares with Locke and Kant.

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There would be little debate that la Mettrie is closer to Locke than to Kant. The simplest answer is that Kant held to the free will and a spiritual approach to ethics. La Mettrie was a strict materialist. Mettrie argued that there was no essential difference between the animal and human brain, except that the latter was capable of using abstract signs in communication. Such signs were not real (That is, they applied to no existing universal object), but served only as an abbreviation of a complex object. All the human brain does is receive external stimuli, then compare and contrast images and words to discover similarities and differences. These images and words are "ideas," or replicants of the external stimuli.

For Locke, the operation of the brain is similar. For him, the brain is reducible to the comparison of various ideas received by the senses and stored in memory. In addition, Locke's view of essences or universals is ...

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