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Natural Disaster Prediction and Response

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No one can predict a natural disaster or world crisis. When a hurricane or flood or a pandemic strikes a country, who is most likely to respond first? Which economic system is the best solution to handling a crisis of epic proportion?

Please respond with references.

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This solution discusses the group that is likely to respond first in the case of a hurricane, natural disaster or world crisis. The economic system that would provide the best solution to handling a crisis of economic proportion is also discussed. The solution is a comprehensive, multi-paragraph discussion with references.

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The first responders in any disaster include the local police officers, firefighters, and paramedics. These are the closest responders, so they are typically at the disaster within minutes. The police and fire resources within the surrounding areas are then typically the second responders. Usually, within a short geographical distance, there are specialized responders, like search and rescue teams, diver dogs, if there is a chance that victims are underwater or were pushed by the disaster into a waterway, and other such specialized resources. Depending on the scale of the disasters, additional resources are then utilized, which can include the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other state and federal resources. The National Guard has assisted in many disasters, along with other larger organizations, which can ...

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