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Interventions in a Natural Disaster.

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1). Choose any natural disaster, write a brief description.
2). Provide three PTSD-related early interventions that might contribute to the stabilization of survivors in the specific natural disaster you chose.
3). Explain how and why the three PTSD related early interventions might work.

I am writing my paper on the Super storm Sandy (Many of the other grad students are doing Hurricane Katrina.) Super storm Sandy hit our area very hard, I wanted to do something that was different than anyone else. I need a different set of eyes to make sure I get enough information set in the right order. Thank you for any help you can give me.

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The interventions in a natural disaster is provided. The PTSD-related early interventions that might contribute to the stabilization of survivor in the specific natural disaster you chose is given.

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Interventions in a Natural Disaster

1. PTSD prevalence rates are lower for natural disasters than man made ones.
2. Early interventions can encourage resilience and adaption through group/community efforts. Often resilience and adaption is likely in these cases of natural disasters.
3. ...

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