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    Hurricane Florence: A Storm to Remember

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    • Select an article on a Natural Disaster and provide a brief description and summary of how it affects the individuals involved.
    • Describe the interventions discussed in the articles and explain how they addressed the psychosocial issues and needs of the individuals affected by the trauma.
    • Explain the effectiveness of the interventions, as stated in the articles.
    • Analyze and discuss the similarities and differences in the individuals' needs depending on whether the issues occurred due to a national traumatic event or an interpersonal trauma.

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    Hurricane Florence: A Storm to Remember

    Hurricane Florence was an enormous storm that landed in Wilmington, North Carolina as a Category four and winds high as 130 mph. Hurricane Florence ranks as the 5th disastrous storm to hit North Carolina corridor since mid-1800. September 2018 will be forever etched in the minds of residents impacted by the Natural Disaster. A total of 66 residents including children lost their lives in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, over 340,000 people were without power for weeks and estimated thousand became homeless due to flooding and inhabitant houses.

    Hurricanes are common in southern states, but nothing could prepare residents for 8 trillion gallons of water, that is equivalent to eight months of rain. But, the American Red Cross who has a history of working Hurricanes deployed 3600 volunteers to provide food, shelter and clean-up kits. When we think about psychosocial needs, and how they are handled during situations ...

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    One of five worse hurricanes since the mid 1800s hit the East Coast three months ago. Thanks to the American Red Cross Natural Disastrous Center intervention many lives were saved.