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    Public Policy and Hurricane Katrina

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    How did public policy play a role after Hurricane Katrina in the progress made, and what changes in public policy have occurred as a result?

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    How did public policy play a role after hurricane Katrina in the progress made and what changes in public policy have occurred as a result?

    There is little doubt that Hurricane Katrina was one of the largest natural disasters to ever hit the United States. I lived in Jacksonville Florida at the time, some 400 miles away from the eye of the storm, and it almost wiped us off of the map. I still cannot imagine the horror that the people of New Orleans went through on the day that it made landfall. Most of them were poor and did not have the means to evacuate. They had no place to go and no money to get there. Their local and state government should have found them a place to go days before the storm, paid for the transportation to get them out of there, and provided for them until it was safe for them to return. However, Mayor Ray Nagin did not see the need to evacuate the people of New Orleans until hours before the storm hit. Of course, this was way too late to decide to get everyone out. The highways quickly jammed with people trying to get out, and a ...

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    This posting discusses how public policy affected the response to Hurricane Katrina.