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    Fiscal Policy Implementation

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    What kind of fiscal policy did the Congress enacted during the after effects of Hurricane Katrina? What kind of policy are they working on now?

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    Bravelle (2005) in his report to Congress specified these fiscal stimuli on Katrina:

    1. The most effective way to stimulate the economy through fiscal measures is to increase direct spending, or to provide tax cuts to people who are likely to spend most of it, which are likely to be lower and moderate income individuals.
    2. Provide relief from high fuel prices.
    3. Providing relief to the disaster victims.
    4. Relax the rules for mortgage revenue bonds.
    5. Implementation of the work opportunity tax credit. Employment related proposals would qualify residents of the disaster area who became unemployed as a result of the hurricane for the ...

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    This solution is a brief discussion on the fiscal policies that were implemented during the after effects of Katrina and whether those are still in existence now.