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    Hurricanes and Coastal Areas

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    Please help with the following natural hazard related problem.

    What is the major danger of hurricanes to coastal areas and how has the federal government historically responded? Explain the answer to your solution.

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    Hurricanes are a "triple threat" to coastal areas. They experience high winds, torrential rains, and storm surge.
    Hurricanes form over water and begin to gradually loose power and their energy source when they reach land. This means that coastal areas will receive the worst winds, much worse than the inner part of a continent. These high winds can destroy buildings, infrastructures, trees, vegetation, and essentially any standing structure.

    One of the biggest dangers from a hurricane is storm surges. This is when a the low pressure of the storm causes sea level to rise. This results in large waves that move inland and have the ability to destroy buildings.In fact, ...

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    The following posting discusses the major danger of hurricanes in coastal areas and how governments have historically responded.