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Accident in a School Gym

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Scenario: You are responding to a basketball game at the local high school with report of multiple persons down. You are the first to arrive and notice numerous cars and two buses in the parking lot, but no sound from the gym.

1. What are your initial thoughts?
2. What are your initial actions?
3. What precautions do you take?
4. What level PPE do you use?
Upon entering the gym you find over 200 victims scattered around a small group at one exit and only two survivors.

1. What could be the possible cause of this incident?

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The solution provides a description the response to an mass attack in a school system. Includes initial thoughts, actions, precautions, and PPE.

290 word essay with reference.

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As one of the first responders called to the scene with the information provided by dispatch I would definitely be on high alert. After arrival to on the scene and not hearing anything my first action would be to call dispatch and request law enforcement to the scene and find out if any other reports had come in. Next I would request additional information from the initial report to as why these individuals went down. Everything else the same, I would ...

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