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    Determining the Best Location for a School

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    A small rural county has experienced unprecedented growth over the past 6 years, and as a result, the local school district built the new 500-student North Park Elementary School. The district has three older and smaller elementary schools: Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln. Now the growth pressure is being felt at the secondary level. The school district would like to build a centrally located middle school to accommodate students and reduce busing costs. The older middle school is adjacent to the high school and will become part of the high school campus.

    a) What are the coordinates of the central location?
    b) What other factors should be considered before building a school?

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    a. The most centrally located coordinates are at 7.5 and 7 on the graph. This would also locate the middle school fairly near the highway, so the school district might consider moving the coordinates slightly. Being close to the highway, but not right on it, would make the middle school easily accessible.

    Other factors that should be considered before building a ...

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    Determining the best location for a school, considering factors such as the other schools in the area, the tax basis of the area, and basic and future growth dynamics.