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    Practical Comparison of 4 Popular Diet Plans

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    1. Research 3 diet plans. Give a brief summary of each plan. Determine similarities and differences.
    Use APA Format to cite the web sites used for this activity. (200-300 words)

    2. Identify one of the types that you might consider using or recommending. Discuss why this diet plan could benefit you. Also, discuss how and it what ways this diet plan would work for your life style or personal tastes.

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    Dear Student,

    Welcome to Brainmass. For the 1st part of the question, I have provided an overview of 4 popular diet plans attached (of which you will choose the 3 that you are most comfortable with and understand the best) - with the main characteristics of each outlined so that you are better able to summarize and evaluate the relative features of each. In your comparative summary of them, I would suggest that you keep in mind the current dietary guidelines (i.e. the food plate) and see how best they are reflected and supported in each plan.

    The overview I have provided also includes some of the ...

    Solution Summary

    This solution provides an overview of four popular diet plans - namely Weight Watchers, South Beach, Hormone Diet and the Meditteranean diet - and compares all of them in terms of their structure and 'rules', as well as the various promises each one makes and the relative advantages and disadvantages. References for information on each plan were also included.

    The solution also further outlines other factors to be taken into consideration when determining which one they would recommend or be interested in trying themself. Therefore, it allows students to evaluate each plan for its nutritional and health benefits and also feasibility for practical application to their life.