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    problems might you encounter as the admission's director

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    Suppose you are a college admissions director and every year you receive 5,000 applications for admission to your school while your school only has 1,000 slots open. Your school is prestigious and has a reputation for producing some of the best and brightest college graduates on the national market. ASSUME that there is NO possibility to expand the enrollment.

    A. What problems might you encounter as the admission's director? REMEMBER this is not a law course - so avoid discussing those issues.
    B. How might you handle them? GIVE EXAMPLES.
    C. Are there any financial considerations for the school?

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    The main problem that one would encounter would be selecting the people who are most qualified for admission. The problem might also be in determining which people out of the applicant pool that are most likely to result in the best graduates in the country. Just because they are the best applicants, doesn't mean that they will result in the best ...