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Hurricane Katrina: Actions of Locals and the State

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Discuss what steps that State and local officials might have taken early in the first days of Katrina that could have minimized the impact to the citizens of New Orleans.

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The steps that should have been taken during Katrina to ensure that a different impact would have occurred would have necessitated a coordinated plan implemented by the federal government with assistance from the state and local governments in the state of Louisiana. This would have enabled for the loss of life to be lessened and allowed for the orderly departure of many of the residents who were unable to leave because of a lack of transportation and the fact that the state did not provide necessary transport for the poorer residents who could not leave on their own accord. This would have been vital in the midst of the emergency as the primary people who were killed were those who were from poorer regions within the city of New Orleans.

The state and federal government ...

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The solution discusses the actions of locals and the state during the first days of hurricane Katrina that could have minimized the impact of the citizens of New Orleans.