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Technocrats: Border Security Architecture

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Discuss the term "technocrats"; Was Canada the appropriate starting point for their new approach on border security architecture?

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Technocrats on the Canadian Border

The technocratic approach to border control stresses intelligence and prevention over "at-border" enforcement. The point is to keep the flow of goods and people across the border moving with as little hindrance as possible. The concept is to use intelligence and other sources to find potential criminals before a crime is committed, leaving the border secure with a minimum of disruptions.

Canada was the "experimental" beginning of this new approach to border security, largely because of its significance, size, wealth and common language. In fact, the northern border of the US is the perfect place for such a program to be tried. Both Canadians and Americans are computer literate, and have a law enforcement tradition that is also highly computerized. Chances of friction between the two countries are minimal, and therefore, a border of two friendly states sharing one language is essential to the program.

Because the smooth flow of goods and people across the border is important to both economies, part of the technocratic approach includes a "border weight time measurement system." The Canadian Action Plan states:

The Canada Border Services Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection will develop a plan to identify reasonable and achievable border wait-time service levels at major crossings. Real-time border wait-time information will be made available to border and transportation agencies to better manage their resources and to drivers to make informed decisions about when and where to cross the border. (EAP, 2011)

The basic assumption is that trade cannot be disrupted except in case of dire emergency. Therefore, if there is a problem, transport agencies can tap into the wait management system to see if the border gates are moving efficiently or not. The theory is that, as software and ...

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