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Architectural Decisions

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Please need some help for this work with references

In a 3- to 4-page paper discuss how early architectural decisions affect the resulting application software.

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Hello and Welcome to Brainmass!! I have answered your query by outlining the major issues of software architecture with reference to your discussion. I have provided a guideline to address all the issues presented.

Software Design and Architecture

First, let's look at what software architecture is.
Definition of Software Architecture: "Software architecture forms a set of abstractions about the system that provide enough essential information to form the basis for communication, analysis, decision making and risk assessment. Every system can be abstracted to a set of models that hide irrelevant details while preserving the essential structure. Different models are used to capture different concerns. The models are usually graphical and focus on the public aspects of sub-systems and components along with their relationships to each other." (Axelrod & Regan, 2010).

Basically, when you are talking about software architecture, you are dealing with the technical and operational process of a structured solution that enhances performance, management and security. Decisions are made taking a variety of factors into consideration ...

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The solution discusses how early architectural decisions affect the results of application software.

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