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Impact of the SOA Paradigm on Perspectives

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MyInsurance Inc. is in the process of developing an SOA solution for its Insurance Quote business process. Before embarking on the project, the company wants to know the effects of architecture quality attributes, or perspectives, on an SOA solution.

You have been chosen as an external consultant to advise MyInsurance Inc. on this matter.

Write a short report to describe the impact of architecture quality attributes on the SOA solution. The report should be a maximum of 2 pages. In the body of the report, describe how any two of the three quality attributes, or perspectives, are affected by SOA.

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You should evaluate the impact of architectural quality attributes on the SOA solution. The first architectural quality attribute we consider is interoperability. A number of communicating entities are enabled to share specific information and operated in an agreed upon manner. During the insurance quotation process, interoperability enables several insurance companies to share client information. One of the strongest architectural quality attributes that brings advantages to the SOA solution is interoperability. It has been enhanced with the availability of Web services. The advantage of interoperability is that component implemented in different types of platforms and using different languages can interact through a call and return mechanism.

You should consider another architectural quality attribute that impacts the SOA solution is availability. This is the degree to which an SOA solution is operational and can be accessed when needed for use. This is one case where SOA solution affects the service both from the perspective of user and the provider. The user depends on a set of services that are available to her to satisfy her requirements. If even one service becomes temporarily unavailable it can have drastic consequences on the success of the SOA solution. During the insurance quotation process, online ...

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The response provides you an explanation of the impact of architectural quality attributes on the SOA solution. It also lists two relevant references.

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