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    Service Architecture

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    This Discussion will focus on the different levels of abstractions within the service interface layer and the importance of abstraction and role of layering when developing SOA-based IT solutions. At the end of the Discussion, you should be able to draw conclusions on why these abstractions and layering are essential and how they help the architect design SOA-based IT solutions. This knowledge will help you perform better as an architect when you work on SOA projects.

    Discussion Prompt:

    â?¢ Discuss how layering in the service architecture helps an architect design an SOA-based IT solution.

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    The layering in the SOA architecture provides numerous advantages such as:

    Multiple layers in SOA provides better return on investment. This is because the logic is put into a separate layer which allows the layer to exist beyond the lifetime of any software system it is used into.

    Further, the location transparency feature of Service Oriented Architecture allows code mobility a possibility because client does not have to worry about the location of the service due to ...

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    DISCUSSION: Advantage of Service Architecture