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Success of Prison Reform

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Examine whether it was successful and if the reform brought forth further changes.

What influences does the system have on the correctional system today?

What influences have changed? Why?

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The only prison reform that has occurred in the last 40 years has been the attempt to change the prison model from the punitive form of penal justice toward a more rehabilitative form of justice. Punitive prison models are based on techniques that seek to ensure that prisoners face stiff consequences for their crimes and receive little assistance toward reentrance into society. Guards, wardens, and the general prison staff prefer to interact with prisoners in hostile ways that exert the power and control that is held over the inmates. Guards relish the ability to throw unruly inmates in the "hole" or solitary confinement and the focus isn't upon making the prisoner a better person once their released, but about issuing retributive justice for society as a result of the crime(s) committed by the prisoner.

Since the punitive form of prison models rarely resulted in ...

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The following posting discusses the correctional system and the influences that have changed.