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Criminal Law and Justice

Hard determinism and routine activities theory

Match the explanation with the appropriate key term. Hard determinism Routine activities theory Utilitarianism Mala in se Nothing-works doctrine Situational choice theory Positivism Rational choice theory Recidivism Mala prohibita Questions: A. View that criminal behavior results from choices made base

Law Enforcement and Three Strikes Rule

Can you please provide me some assistance on two questions: 1. Describe the history of law enforcement from its roots in the English system of policing, through each era, up to the current use of contemporary policing. How has policing become an actor in the public policy process? . 2. Define the "three strikes rule" as i

Criminal Justice Literature Review

Please help with the following problem. I need a literature review of an area of crime or criminal justice research for your research topic. Describe what you selected and why you think this topic would be good for further research.

Influence of Fictional Crime Shows

I need help in generating ideas on this assignment: 'Watch both a real and a fictional crime show. Your choices for a real crime show are: First 48, Final Witness, or 48 Hour Mystery. Your choices for a fictional show are CSI, The Closer, or NCIS.' Summarize both cases and then compare and contrast the investigation of both

Fourth Amendment Discussion

Francis, a probationer, signed a contract with Louisiana Home Detention Services, Inc. (LHD), a private company designated by the State of Louisiana to monitor individuals placed in home incarceration, allowing the warrantless search of his home if LHD employees had probable cause to believe he possessed contraband. This conditi

Applying the Fourth Amendment

Describe how the Fourth Amendment should be applied to permit reasonable government action while still protecting individual privacy on their smartphones.

Discussion of the juvenile justice system

Can you please provide some assistance with this question? Outline issues that currently face the juvenile justice system. Compare these with previous issues faced by juvenile justice during the past twenty years. Has the juvenile justice system improved over the years? Recall recent legislation that impacts juvenile justice.

Discuss current probation and parole systems for DUI's

Joshua got a DUI for driving under the influence; for the second time. Luckily no one was hurt, but Joshua pleaded guilty and is willing to do whatever it takes to avoid ever driving under the influence again. Using a state that interests you, discuss how to best deal with Joshua under the current probation and parole systems

Summary of the Stanford Prison Experiment

Revisiting the Stanford Prison Experiment: a Lesson in the Power of Situation," by Philip G. Zimbardo. After reviewing the article, provide the following: A brief introduction and summary of the article Analysis of the data, including discussion of its significance and relevance to criminal justice Compare and contrast t

Different Levels of Homicide

Topic: Homicides APA paragraphs with proper APA citation(s)/reference(s) 1. There are different levels or degrees of homicide. Discuss these degrees. Give examples.

Police Recruitment and Selection Process

Write a 750- 1,050-word paper in which you describe the recruitment and selection process of the agency you selected. Include the following • Describe elements associated with the police recruitment and selection process at the agency. • Identify major components of the training process and the career development progra

Police department roles and functions

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you address police department roles and functions. Include the following • Identify the principal roles and functions of police organizations and their role as it applies to the law. • Describe various types of police agencies at the local, state, and federal level and the roles

Death penalty and an analysis of real cases

How do you feel about the death penalty? What is the death penalty? Compare the Travon Martin case to other similar cases? How do you feel about the O.j. Simpson case? Was it fair? How do you feel about the Travon Martin case? Was it fair? How do you feel about the Michael Vick case? Was it fair? Discuss other similar cas

Death Penalty Proposal

Give a proposal on Death Penalty including Introduction/title page, Abtract, Method, (describe what type of people in the study) Expected Results and Conclusion based on 3 Articles: 1. Death Penalty Support for Special Offender Populations of Legally Convicted Murderers: Juveniles, the Mentally Retarded, and the Mentally Inc

Elements of Conflict in the American Legal and Justice Systems

What elements of conflict are present in the American legal and justice systems? Respond to this question in terms of how and why critical criminologists view crime as a political concept designed to protect the power and position of the upper classes at the expense of the poor. Give examples. Please cite your source.

Violence in the United States

Assignment: You are working as a research assistant to a senior researcher for the National Institute of Justice who has recently been assigned to a task force project on violence in the United States. Your supervisor asks you to begin preliminary research for the project by creating a PowerPoint presentation with some of the

Organization Theory Questions

1. We looked at several "perspectives" or "schools of thought" in Organization Theory. For any four of those "schools" or "perspectives", please provide some distinguishing characteristics of each school plus at least two articles/authors from each that exemplify those characteristics. 2. A pathological organization is one th

Classical Organizational Theories

Shafritz, Jay, Ott, J. Steven and Jang, Yong Suk. Classics of Organization Theory, 7th Ed. Boston, MA: Wadsworth, 2011. Company use as compares General Motors or United States Postal Service I have attached some of the theories that were used. The first paper was great but I never worked in correctional field. Define or

Research: Child Abuse

Based on these 3 articles 1. Through a Foucauldian Lens: A Genealogy of Child Abuse. By: Bell, Sheri. Journal of Family Violence. Feb2011, Vol. 26 Issue 2, p101-108. 8p. 2. Abuse of adolescents. By: Rees, Gwyther; Stein, Mike. Children & Society. Apr97, Vol. 11 Issue 1, p63-70. 8p 3. Prevalence of Child Sexual Abuse: A Cor

Offender Treatment

Please assist with the following: 1. A comparison (similarities and differences) between juvenile and adult offender treatment approaches and programs. Explain at least two similarities and two differences related to treatment approaches and treatment programs. Explain at least one conclusion you drew or insight you gained a

Literature Review on Juvenile Delinquency

I need help with the above literature review using Annotated Outline previously done, please add 5 new articles on "How Juvenile Delinquency Occurs" for the Coalition". If the abstract article summaries contain 5 new articles based on each topic below that's great. If there's a problem let me know please. From the studies in

Judges Authority

There are areas in the criminal justice system where the judge can choose a sentence within specific guidelines. Do you believe that judges have the knowledge and authority to continue selecting sentencing options? Please explain.

Sentencing Goals of Corrections

List the five sentencing goals of corrections, and discuss each goal's characteristics and contributions to corrections effectiveness. Which sentencing goal do you feel is the most effective, and why?

Custodial Model and Incarceration Model

Which model do you think provides the best treatment? Research the custodial model of incarceration of the United States and the rehabilitation model of the United Kingdom. How are these 2 models similar? How are these 2 models different? Which model do you feel is more effective at reducing the rate of recidivism? Do y