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Make Criminal These Actions

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Topic #!
If you were in charge of deciding what is criminal in the United States, which acts that are now legal would you make criminal? Which criminal acts would you legalize?

Topic #2
After you've completed all of the questions in topic #1, write a 300 word on what you've learned from topic #1

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Step 1
Topic 1: If I were in charge of deciding what is criminal in the United I will make the act of lobbying criminal. Political lobbying of any type should be made criminal. Acts of possessing small quantities of drugs for personal consumption should be legalized. Also, petty theft below $10 should not be treated as a criminal offense. Civil proceedings should be allowed.

Step 2
Topic 2 I have learned from topic # 1 that political lobbying which is influencing the senators and detracting them from making laws that are good for the people of United States should be banned. In my opinion the methods used for influencing senators are unethical and those ...

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This solution explains the actions that should be made criminal. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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