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Criminal Law and Justice

Methods of Policing in a Diverse Community

Read the article "Policing A Diverse Community" by Mark A. Prosser found in the Police Chief magazine. In a 2-page essay discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the approach to diversity taken by this town and its police department. Use other outside resources to compare and contrast this approach with those taken by other

Identity Theft Victims

Identity theft is becoming more of a problem. Conduct an Internet search of identity theft. Find different ways people can become victims of identity theft. How do the thieves gain access to the information? Write a 2 page essay on methods criminals can gain access to personal information. Note: these methods do not always

Investigation and Prosecution

In Week 3, you described the operation created and run by Nicky Barnes. For this assignment, you will examine and analyze the investigation and legal tools used to bring Barnes to justice. Provide a 4- to 5-page report in Microsoft Word that addresses the points listed below. Utilize terminology from the course and explain your

High and Low Context Communication

Research high and low context communication. High and low context communication is a style of communication that caters to people in groups that have similar experiences and expectations. Many things are left unsaid in this style of communication and the context of the message is filled in by the person's understanding of the

Cyber Crime Research

Conduct an Internet search of cyber-crimes. Find a cyber-crime, a crime where a computer is used to commit a majority of the crime that has occurred in the last three months. Write a 2-page essay synopsis of the crime, 2 references needed Can I have this done by Monday March 14 2016 Thank you

The Khalil Case

The Khalil Case Michael Khalil was national president of the Avengers Motorcycle Club (AMC), an organization with local chapters in several states. He was convicted of conspiring to conduct the affairs of an organization through a pattern of racketeering, attempting to commit a violent crime in aid of racketeering, and two co

Decisions on Very Controversial Issues

You are a judge in the fictitious state of Barbieland. As a judge, you are called on to make decisions on very controversial issues. Based on the laws of Barbieland, juveniles are considered adults at the age of 16. The first controversial issue you must deal with is a convicted juvenile sex offender. In your state, juveniles ca

Changes in Organized Crime

The Congressman for whom you work is considering pushing for a new President's Commission on Organized Crime. He has asked you to prepare an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation reviewing the 1967 and 1987 Commission Reports and what can be learned from them. Compare the conclusions of the 1967 and the 1987 Presi

traditional and evidence based research

As upholders and protectors of the law, it is important for all law enforcement officials to understand the ideals to strive for as well as the need for appropriate behavior. In this light, your Superintendent has asked you to prepare an eight to ten slide orientation presentation for new recruits familiarizing them with the Cod

The Houston Case

In 2000, Congress passed the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act (CAFRA). This law sought to limit the ability of US Attorneys to exploit asset forfeiture procedures. A 1998 case in Houston brought to light the need to limit how asset forfeiture laws could be used. The Houston case involved a "Red Carpet Inn" motel. Research and s

Role of Legal Professionals

Legal professionals in the criminal justice system, such as attorneys and judges, play a critical role in the criminal justice process and as such must operate within an established ethical framework. Let's take a look at the following scenarios: •You are a defense attorney who once worked for the prosecutor's office. After l

Police Response to Conflict Within the Community

In a 2-page essay, describe how you would handle the following situation if you were one of the responding police officers. Be sure to describe how the actions that you propose to take would be consistent, no matter what ethnicities are involved. You are a police officer in an agency that has been involved in community-orien

Explain Cyber Crime

Conduct Internet searches on different crimes that could be considered cyber-crimes or that could be committed using computers as the primary method. Create a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation of those crimes. The goal of the presentation is to be able to present it to a group of people to explain cyber-crime. 2 references nee

Barnes and Organized Crime

During the 1970s, the "Black Mafia," was said to have controlled thirty percent of the illegal narcotics trade (mostly heroin and cocaine) in the black neighborhoods of major east coast cities. A leader of this type of organized crime group was Leroy "Nicky" Barnes, a gangster in the Harlem area of New York City. Research Bar

Identifying the Ethical System

You are an intern at an attorney's office and you have been asked to prepare a memo in response to the following scenario: •You have been accompanying one of the attorneys in your office to visit a client in jail. You notice that the attorney has been requesting continuances in his case for frivolous reasons. This has kept th

Police Officers and Ethical Dilemmas

Police officers are faced with ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. These dilemmas can range from accepting a free cup of coffee from a business owner to being offered a bribe by a suspect. In some situations, officers have to make a decision in haste that could affect the rest of their career and personal life. Undercover officer

Transnational Organized Crime

The United Nations has identified eighteen different transnational crimes, and each of them in some way falls into the three-part typology of organized crime (provision of illicit services, illicit goods, or infiltration of business). The eighteen transnational crimes are: money laundering, terrorist activities, theft of art and

Paradigm of Laws

Use Internet resources to address the following scenario: You are a correctional officer at the state prison. One of the inmates reveals to you his knowledge of the whereabouts of contraband in your facility. You promise the inmate—who has deceived you two times earlier—not to tell authorities about his involvement if he

Organized crime and infiltration of business

The newly-elected governor of your state has promised to fight against organized crime. She is not completely sure what is meant by "infiltration of business." You have been asked to provide her a 4- to 5-page report in Microsoft Word document that reviews the various ways in which organized crime groups interact with businesses

Categories of Crime

Consider the categories of crime that we reviewed this week: Provision of illicit goods, provision of illicit services, and infiltration of business, extortion, and racketeering. •Which crime does the most harm to society? •Are any of these crimes "victimless"? •Are there any crimes in our review of organized crime tha

Civil Disobedience Laws

Laws in the US are constantly evolving as society continues to evolve. A great example of this evolution is the state of Washington legalizing marijuana. In this week's lectures we compared the consensus and conflict paradigms and determined that laws can be an example of either paradigm. Based on your learning answer the fol

Ethical Dilemma: Actors Involved

The controversial "Stand Your Ground Law" has been used in two recent shootings in Florida. A Florida teen, Jordan Davis, was shot to death on Friday, November 23, 2012. The young man was riding in a car full of teenagers playing loud music. He was allegedly shot by Michael Dunn due to the loud music being played from the car

Organized Crime Research

Research the cases of Sam Gravano, Jonathan Lebed, and Jimmy Coonan. For each of these criminals, analyze their cases in terms of how we have defined organized crime this week. In a 4- to 5-page Microsoft Word document, present a report that summarizes these cases and for each, answer the following questions: •Does the crimin

Henry Hill: Organized Crime

The (true) story of Henry Hill provides a good example to illustrate the typologies of organized crime, criminals, and organizations. If you are familiar with the movie Goodfellas, that was based on the story of Henry Hill. For this assignment, research the life and criminal career of Henry Hill from and post a response that

Patriot Act Stereotypes

What are some of the stereotypes that television and movies promote about organized crime? How is the face of organized crime changing? What similarities can be drawn between the organized crime of the previous and current centuries? 150 word essay I need this by Friday February 12, 2016

Victim Selection

Write a 2 page essay. Address the following in your paper: • Is the victim selection process different between team serial killers and those who work alone? • Discuss any differences and or similarities as it relates to motives, methods, and offender history. • Support your argument. 2 references needed

The social disorganization and social learning theories

Select two of the following sociological crime theories: Anomie, Social Disorganization, Social Learning Theory, Focal Concerns, Labeling Theory, and Critical Criminology. the two theories I selected are Social Disorganization and Social Learning Theory Create a 2- to 3-page report in a Microsoft Word document that includes r

Gender and Crime

Men commit an overwhelming percentage of violent crime and the majority of property crime in the United States. •How would each of the three critical feminist perspectives—Radical, Marxist, and Socialist—explain this phenomenon? Do different life experiences by men and women impact the overrepresentation of men in the cri

Arson investigator

Which group do you think is best suited to investigate arson: the fire department or the police department? Why? What unique skills does each group contribute to an arson investigation? Assume you are the chief investigator. What tasks would assign to firefighters and police officers in an investigation and why? 150 w

Social Theories and Crime

Social control makes people live within the rules of society and not commit crime. Travis Hirschi-Social Bond Theory is an effort to explain what makes people comply and not get involved in criminal activity. He posited four social bonds: attachment, commitment, involvement, and belief. Explain how these bonds help people comply