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Criminal Law and Justice

Victim and Victimization

Very Briefly:,index/81 What is meant by the term %60cycle of violence. Discuss the cycle of violence in detail and provide a sound example to support your argument. Provide two recommendations for reducing the cycle of violence and discuss those recommendations. Present one prog

The American Society of Criminology

Instructions: Examine the website for the American Society of Criminology and answer the questions about it below. Question 1: What is the mission and purpose of the American Society of Criminology? Question 2: Identify the major divisions of the ASC, and discuss the research that each promotes. Qu

Drug Ring Operation

Here's the scenario: You are a Wichita Police Department detective working in the major crimes unit, and you are assigned to a joint federal-state-city crime task force working on a number of major drug cases. Over a period of several months, your task force has been able to gather information and make cases on several of the d

Ethical issues in law enforcement

Part of the responsibility of any law enforcement organization is to effectively address ethical dilemmas. Often during these investigations, it is discovered that other outside organizations must be consulted or brought into the investigation because their own investigation may fall into the jurisdiction of other law enforcemen

Cross Agency Investigations

You are advising a colleague on a case in which the employer noticed a number of irregularities in the accountant reports while he was on vacation. Your colleagues calls you and tells you that she learned that the local police will be meeting with federal agents to determine whether the accountant will be charged with embezzleme

Criminal Law and Criminal Statues

Can you help me answer these questions? Identify and define the elements of at least 2 felony crimes set forth in Florida criminal code. Identify and summarize at least 2 statutory defense to criminal liability in Florida criminal code. Identify and summarize at least 2 statutory provisions that address sentencing and i

The Difference Between Civil Ligation and Criminal Litigation

Can you help me with these questions? Identify the primary purpose of a civil action generally (tort action) versus the primary purpose of a criminal action? What is the standard of proof in a criminal action? In a civil action? What are the potential remedies/punishments in a civil action? In a criminal action? Who

Federal/Local cooperation

Why was the US Bureau of Land Management created by the federal government, and what are its specific areas of responsibility? How does this organization work with local law enforcement to enhance the mission or goals of those local agencies? Do you feel that this cooperation between the local, state, and federal law enforceme

Court Process

Need help providing concrete examples of when and how each of the following officials of the criminal justice system (law enforcement officer, the prosecutor, and the judge) may appropriately exercise discretion at the six stages of criminal procedure: The investigation stage The arrest stage The pretrial stage The trial sta

Strengths and Weaknesses of Questionnaires

One method of information collection is the use of questionnaires: Explain how questionnaires are used in support of research. What are some of their strengths and weaknesses? Give an example of how the wording of a questionnaire can impact a subject's response.

Overvies of Sir Robert Peel's twelve standards of policing.

Explain the meaning of the twelve standards of policing proposed by Robert Peel. Explain why each of these principles is still important today. 1. The police must be stable and efficient and organized along military lines. 2. The police must be under governmental control. 3. The absence of crime will best prove the efficie

Criminal - Arson / Burglary

Amanda was at home and turned on the TV to watch the eleven o'clock news. She heard someone on her porch. Thinking it was her fiancé, she opened the front door. On her porch was a strange man who demanded she let him in the house. When she refused, he pulled out a gun. Amanda, fearful of her life, let him in. Once inside, he se

determining probable cause

Read Aguilar v. Texas, Illinois v. Gates, and Spinelli v. United States and determine which test is superior in your opinion. Do you support the two-pronged test for determining probable cause on the basis of information obtained from an informant engaged in criminal activity established by the Court in Aguilar v. Texas or suppo

general scruples against capital punishment

In Witherspoon v. Illinois, 391 U.S. 510 (1968), the U.S. Supreme Court held that jurors cannot be removed merely because of general scruples against capital punishment, adding that a juror may be excluded "for cause" if it is "unmistakably clear" that he or she would automatically vote against the death penalty if sought by the

The Concept of Justice

I need help developing the following: Define the concept of justice. Explain how the concept of justice relates to the field of criminal justice, emphasizing how it should be applied by law enforcement officers. Explain three (3) ways Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development can be applied to the evaluation of three (3) types

Interpol Funding

The U.S. senator you work for is considering whether to support a bill that provides funding for Interpol. He has asked you to educate him on this agency. -What is Interpol and how did it come about? -What geographic area does Interpol cover? -What kind of crimes or criminals is Interpol best suited to address? -What is th

Transnational Criminals

Transnational Crime Research about some famous transnational crimes •Which specific crimes were committed? - How would you evaluate the level of cooperation between countries in fighting this type of transnational crime (for instance, if your case involves money laundering, how well do the countries involved in the case a

Sentencing a juvenile as an adult

1. When do you think it is justifiable to sentence a juvenile as an adult? Explain your answer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When we look at our graph, we are looking at our variables. There is an x and y variable (axis) on the graphs. Class - what does

Community policing and drug laws

"Community policing cannot solve the drug problem anymore than traditional law enforcement can (Fagan, 1994)." - Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why? - How do alcohol and drugs affect crime? - Are traditional drug enforcement policies working? Why? What is the role of community policing in drug enforcement and

Criminal Investigation: Time of Death

The time of death relates directly to whether the suspect could have been at the scene and to the sequence of multiple deaths. It is also important to the victim's family in settling insurance claims and Social Security and pension payments (Orthmann and Hess, 2012). A body with a gunshot wound to the head has been found in a

criminal investigation - confessional statement

Missing and Murder Investigation In many cases, a suspect will consent to an interview and waive his/her rights but not be completely truthful in the interview. Smith Collins reported to the police that his father was missing and that he was unable to trace his father's whereabouts. Collins' father's body was recovered fro

Johnny the murderer

Because of several anonymous phone calls to HQ, the police suspect that Johnny B. Goode, a local ruffian with a long record, is responsible for the death of a 12-year-old boy. Johnny, 21, lives at home with his parents. Three officers and a detective go to Johnny's house and, after being admitted by the father, falsely inform th

Presentation and Representation

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of graphic displays in presenting data? 2. What is the principal difference between validity and reliability? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. What are some explanations for the over representation in a

Criminal Investigation: Preparing Interview Questions

-The Interview Mr. Adams, not further identified, has called the police station and stated that he has information concerning an armed robbery of a convenience store. When he observed the robbery in progress, he was parked across the street using his cell phone. It is possible that he can provide a great deal of information or

Criminal Procedures

What is the meaning of three-strikes-and-you're-out? What are some of the problems associated with this legislation and has it proven to be effective?

criminal investigation: dealing with a witness

Kylie was witness to the brutal murder of a 66-year-old man in broad daylight outside a bank on a busy New York street. The two perpetrators shot the man dead and escaped with the cash-filled bag he had been carrying. When the investigating officer arrived on the scene, he started questioning Kylie and found that she was not for

The ultimate objective of community policing

What should the ultimate objective of community policing be: crime prevention or reduction of fear? Describe how community policing can play a pivotal role in crime prevention. What are strategies to prevent juvenile crime through community policing? What are strategies to prevent drug related crime through community polic

Analyzing a Criminal Justice Research Article

Locate a recent criminal justice research article from a recognized peer-reviewed professional journal or government publication. Note. Non-peer-reviewed newspaper articles or articles from popular magazines, such as Time or Newsweek, are not acceptable. Address the following: - Identify the purpose of the research study,

Extradition protection laws

2. Should federal law enforcement be permitted to kidnap drug dealers, suspected terrorists, and so forth, who violate United States law, but who are located outside the country and are protected from extradition? What ethical system supports this action, if taken?