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Overview of the Medical Model in Criminal Justice

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Define and discuss the medical model with regard to Criminal Justice and criminal offenders. What are the pros and cons associated with the model? Provide specific examples to support your assertions.

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This solution provides a brief overview of the Medical Model as it pertains to the Criminal Justice system. A few pros and cons associated with the Medical Model and how it deals with offenders are discussed. A source is also provided.

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Overview of the Medical Model:
Defined - The medical model refers to taking a therapeutic approach to correctional treatment. In other words, criminal offenders are treated, much like medical patients with an illness, in order to address the root causes of why they commit crime. The philosophy is that by treating the root problems and causes of their criminal behavior, offenders are less likely to continue committing crimes.

Key points:
- The medical model was implemented after WWII and was popular ...

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