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    Criminal Law and Justice

    Analyzing and Interpreting Data

    In a 2 page paper, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of interpreting mixed methods data, and give examples of the possibility of bias affecting the results in this process. Use at least one scholarly or peer-reviewed source to support your personal observations or opinions. Your essay should strictly follow APA formatt

    Questionnaires Constructing and Administrating

    Write a 3 page paper on constructing and administrating a questionaire and its practical application in descriptive research. Include your opinion, backed by scholarly articles, about the strengths and weaknesses of this kind of research. In your paper, provide a treatment of at least FOUR scholarly research articles on the

    Public Complaint

    In the newspaper, find an example of a public complaint against a police department. It can be a police agency of any size, at the municipal, state, or federal level. In a 2 page paper, outline the nature of the complaint and answer the following questions: How would you begin investigating the complaint mentioned? What

    Research literature review and ethics

    Question 1 Daphne has been a member of a research team studying interpersonal aggression among preschoolers for more than a year. In that time, her team has repeatedly employed a consistent set of techniques and procedures to study preschoolers as they interact in a number of settings. The procedures revolve around volunteer mo

    Motivation on the Job

    Search the Internet for a recent article on what is motivational on the job—either in the business world or in law enforcement. In a 2 page paper, outline your findings and include the full source of the article. 2 references Thank you

    IRBs in Different Settings

    In a 2 page essay, discuss two different types of IRBs and their application in different organizations. How are they different and how are they alike? How much importance should each organization place in IRBs? 2 references please Thank you

    Peer-Reviewed and Scholarly Sources

    Peer-Reviewed and Scholarly Sources For your assignment this week, find six scholarly and/or peer-reviewed articles and write an annotated bibilography for each using APA format. 2 pages 2 references thank you

    Professional Conduct

    Case Study As the new police chief of the Greenfield Police Department, you expected some resistance from officers during the transition from a crime fighting philosophy to a community policing philosophy. Several veteran officers oppose the change. Most younger officers are willing to try community policing and enjoy interacti

    Identity Theft and White Collar Crime

    (1) Briefly explain the following forms of white-collar crime: corporate, financial, environmental, and terrorism-based. Which form do you think causes the most damage, and why? Your response must be at least 200 words in length. You are required to use at least your textbook as source material for your response. All sources

    Problem Statements Identified

    Write five problem statements and identify the independent or dependent variables. Explain fully the variables that led you to this conclusion about each statement. 2 pages and 2 references... Thank you

    Community policing and it's impact on the fear of crime

    The Greenfield Police Department's new mission statement emphasizes a community policing philosophy. The new chief has increased the authority and the responsibility of sergeants to identify and solve problems affecting the quality of life in Greenfield. You are the evening shift supervisor and have learned that the residents of

    Organizational Change for Turning the Ship

    Read the scenario below and answer the questions that follows: You are the new chief of the Greenfield Police Department. After 30 years of iron-fisted control, Chief Slaughter has retired. Slaughter believed in the military model of police management and a traditional crime-fighting policing strategy. He was fully entrenched

    Burning of a Cross that deals with Criminal Law

    In a four page paper, please discuss this topic in relation to the concepts covered in this course: • Burning of a Cross Make sure your paper follows APA formatting and citing guidelines, and make sure you use a LEGAL analysis method. 3 References Please

    Strategies for Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence was not always considered an issue that police should address. Write a 2 page essay. Address the following in your paper: Do you consider domestic violence a public health issue? Why? Why should law enforcement address domestic violence in their communities? 2 References please Thank you

    Credit Card Crime

    In a two page essay, please discuss the following: Assume a person accidentally picks up a credit card that is not theirs and uses the card in several instances. Can the person be charged with multiple violations of a state statute that makes it a crime to "knowingly obtain, possess, use, or transfer a means of identification

    Legal justification

    You will be presented with several scenarios, each containing a different set of circumstances and facts. In each, you must determine if an arrest has occurred and if the evidence obtained is admissible at trial. Scenario 1 An officer approaches you and states, "You are under arrest." He places you in handcuffs and leads y

    Ambivalence Towards Gangs

    Some communities have been accused of ignoring gang activity to the point that it encourages gangs to feel that they have found a 'safe haven'. Write a 2 page essay. Address the following in your paper: • Why do some communities become ambivalent to gangs? • What characteristics make gangs feel safe and how do comm

    Assessing the Dare Program

    The DARE Program and its effectiveness and continued funding has become a source of heated public debate over the past few years, as the program frequently becomes a target of budget cuts, despite its huge popularity with parents. The program is often cited as ineffective in reducing drug usage by those graduating from the progr

    Ways To Reduce Fear

    As part of community policing, fear reduction strategies are used. Write a 2 page essay. Address the following in the essay: • Explain which of the fear-reduction strategies do you believe is most effective? • Discuss why would a police department want to reduce fear of crime rather than crime itself? 2 Referenc

    Juvenile Group Home

    You work for the administrator in charge of juvenile corrections in your county. She is considering adding a secure group home to the juvenile system and has given you the task of researching the issue. Prepare a report in a Microsoft Word document that addresses the following points and cite all your sources in APA format: •

    Communication Barriers

    Keeping in mind that communication includes verbal and non-verbal communication such as body language and that communication barriers can exist between the police and the public, how can police officers reduce communication barriers with their community? Write a 2 page essay. Address the following in your paper: introduction

    Problem Solving in your Community

    Problem - oriented policing emphasizes police solving problems in their communities. Write a 2 page essay. Address the following in your paper: • Explain a problem in your community and how you might solve this problem if you were a police officer? • Who might need to be involved in the process? • What resourc

    Extradition for "General Manuel Noriega"

    Write a two page essay, examine the situation surrounding the following individual who was extradited forcibly for a crime committed. Explaining why the individual should have been or should not have been extradited. "General Manuel Noriega" 2 references thank you

    Police Mission: Fighting Crime or Public Service

    Policing is complex and involves different characteristics to fight crime and serve the public. Write a 2 page essay. Address the following in your paper: Explain what is meant by service to the public and how do officers fulfill this mission. Provide specific examples. 2 references

    Victimless Crimes by Carrying Firearms

    write a 2 page essay discussing whether or not the possession and carrying of firearms or the illegal purchase of a firearm are "victimless" crimes. Why are offenses such as these not usually listed as victimless crimes? 2 references

    Types of Misconduct in correctional facilities

    Describe the types of misconduct by community corrections professionals and provide some of the explanations for this misconduct. 1. Accepting gratuities for special consideration during legitimate activities and for the protection of illicit activities. 2. Mistreatment/harassment or extortion of inmates. 3. Misc. abuses 4

    Using Apps to Record Police Activity

    There are currently several apps available for smart phones that allow individuals to record their encounters with police. Research one of these apps and write a two page essay with the following information: Summarize the features of the app and why you chose it, and explain if you think it is useful or not? In addition,

    False Confession in Wrongful Convictions

    False Confessions One of the most confusing aspects of wrongful convictions is the concept of false confessions. Why would someone admit to something they didn't do? For this assignment, we will once again go the Innocence Project website: http://www.innocenceproject.org/understand/False-Confessions.php Watch the video

    Judicial Activism

    Write a 2 page essay on judicial activism. Present the arguments on both sides of the question as to whether judges should interpret or simply apply the Constitution. Research and provide more current examples (the current Supreme Court docket) and predict how you think the justices will decide. Then think about the idea that

    Eyewitness Misidentification

    Access the website for the Innocence Project and the link on the site regarding misidentification of criminal suspects: http://www.innocenceproject.org/understand/Eyewitness-Misidentification.php View the video that discusses the Ronald Cotton case. After watching the video, write a one page reaction paper to the video tha