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Criminal Law and Justice

Credit Card Crime

In a two page essay, please discuss the following: Assume a person accidentally picks up a credit card that is not theirs and uses the card in several instances. Can the person be charged with multiple violations of a state statute that makes it a crime to "knowingly obtain, possess, use, or transfer a means of identification

Legal justification

You will be presented with several scenarios, each containing a different set of circumstances and facts. In each, you must determine if an arrest has occurred and if the evidence obtained is admissible at trial. Scenario 1 An officer approaches you and states, "You are under arrest." He places you in handcuffs and leads y

Ambivalence Towards Gangs

Some communities have been accused of ignoring gang activity to the point that it encourages gangs to feel that they have found a 'safe haven'. Write a 2 page essay. Address the following in your paper: • Why do some communities become ambivalent to gangs? • What characteristics make gangs feel safe and how do comm

Assessing the Dare Program

The DARE Program and its effectiveness and continued funding has become a source of heated public debate over the past few years, as the program frequently becomes a target of budget cuts, despite its huge popularity with parents. The program is often cited as ineffective in reducing drug usage by those graduating from the progr

Ways To Reduce Fear

As part of community policing, fear reduction strategies are used. Write a 2 page essay. Address the following in the essay: • Explain which of the fear-reduction strategies do you believe is most effective? • Discuss why would a police department want to reduce fear of crime rather than crime itself? 2 Referenc

Juvenile Group Home

You work for the administrator in charge of juvenile corrections in your county. She is considering adding a secure group home to the juvenile system and has given you the task of researching the issue. Prepare a report in a Microsoft Word document that addresses the following points and cite all your sources in APA format: •

Communication Barriers

Keeping in mind that communication includes verbal and non-verbal communication such as body language and that communication barriers can exist between the police and the public, how can police officers reduce communication barriers with their community? Write a 2 page essay. Address the following in your paper: introduction

Problem Solving in your Community

Problem - oriented policing emphasizes police solving problems in their communities. Write a 2 page essay. Address the following in your paper: • Explain a problem in your community and how you might solve this problem if you were a police officer? • Who might need to be involved in the process? • What resourc

Extradition for "General Manuel Noriega"

Write a two page essay, examine the situation surrounding the following individual who was extradited forcibly for a crime committed. Explaining why the individual should have been or should not have been extradited. "General Manuel Noriega" 2 references thank you

Police Mission: Fighting Crime or Public Service

Policing is complex and involves different characteristics to fight crime and serve the public. Write a 2 page essay. Address the following in your paper: Explain what is meant by service to the public and how do officers fulfill this mission. Provide specific examples. 2 references

Victimless Crimes by Carrying Firearms

write a 2 page essay discussing whether or not the possession and carrying of firearms or the illegal purchase of a firearm are "victimless" crimes. Why are offenses such as these not usually listed as victimless crimes? 2 references

Types of Misconduct in correctional facilities

Describe the types of misconduct by community corrections professionals and provide some of the explanations for this misconduct. 1. Accepting gratuities for special consideration during legitimate activities and for the protection of illicit activities. 2. Mistreatment/harassment or extortion of inmates. 3. Misc. abuses 4

Using Apps to Record Police Activity

There are currently several apps available for smart phones that allow individuals to record their encounters with police. Research one of these apps and write a two page essay with the following information: Summarize the features of the app and why you chose it, and explain if you think it is useful or not? In addition,

False Confession in Wrongful Convictions

False Confessions One of the most confusing aspects of wrongful convictions is the concept of false confessions. Why would someone admit to something they didn't do? For this assignment, we will once again go the Innocence Project website: Watch the video

Judicial Activism

Write a 2 page essay on judicial activism. Present the arguments on both sides of the question as to whether judges should interpret or simply apply the Constitution. Research and provide more current examples (the current Supreme Court docket) and predict how you think the justices will decide. Then think about the idea that

Eyewitness Misidentification

Access the website for the Innocence Project and the link on the site regarding misidentification of criminal suspects: View the video that discusses the Ronald Cotton case. After watching the video, write a one page reaction paper to the video tha

Adversarial Criminal Law System

Adversarial Criminal Law System Please compare the idea of our criminal law system as adversarial to other descriptions of how a courtroom works. The assignment should include the following: 3-4 references

Judge Yourself

You are a judge who believes that individuals should be allowed to choose when to die. You personally had to watch both your parents die long and agonizing deaths because your state does not have a right-to-die statute. Before you is a doctor who is being prosecuted for giving a lethal dose of morphine to a patient dying of ter

Georgia vs. Randolph

You are a judge in a federal district court where a man has been charged with possessing and distributing cocaine. The police obtained the evidence of his drug possession and sale by searching his home. Police arrived at the defendant's house without a warrant, and the defendant and his wife were at home. The officers knocked, a

Case Brief Example (Ashcroft vs. Kidd)

Please help understanding how to write a case brief... for example in the case of Ashcroft v Kidd 131 S. Ct. 2074 (2011). How would you write this case brief that had the headings: Parties and case Facts Procedural Posture Issue Holding Rule Rationale References.

Police Misconduct

A police officer's job is about ensuring the protection of basic moral rights, including the right to life, liberty, physical and property security. The overall outcome or goal of policing is the protection of constitutional rights. However, there have been times when police have engaged in unethical and immoral practices when d

Exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule

You are a state court judge who has been presented with the following facts. A criminal defendant was stopped by police after an officer observed him speeding. A computer check showed that the man had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for his arrest. While he was being arrested, a marijuana joint fell from his pocket. The o

Gideon v. Wainwright

The assignment for this week is to locate a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case and draft a case brief. Go the following website ( and locate the following case: Gideon v. Wainwright. Write a 1-2 page case brief utilizing the sample case brief. 1. Case Title 2. Citation 3. Year decided 4. Facts 5. Issue or

Maxine Waters ethics case

Research a government official who has been charged with ethics violations. (Rep Maxine Waters) is who I picked. Outline the charges, explain the issues in terms of the ethics associated with the Criminal Justice system and describe the ethical system that applies in this ethics violation(s). 2 pages needed 2 references

War on Drugs

In a 2 page essay outline a brief history of the "War on Drugs." Reflect whether it is possible to win the war on drugs to include evidence of its successfulness or failures. Finally recommend changes to the prosecution of the current "War on Drugs" or alternatives to it; depending on the student's approach. 2 referenc

Juvenile Blueprint Programs

Look at the Blueprints programs. Choose one of these programs (Big Brothers Big Sisters of America - BBBS) to study and write a 3 page paper explaining the program. Be sure to include the goals or mission of the program, who it targets, and why you think it has been successful, as well as any other important information you th

Juvenile Justice Development

The Development of Juvenile Justice These two are important also can you discuss about these two as well in the development/evolution of juvenile justice and why. Thompson v. Oklahoma - killed his sister's boyfriend Stanford v. Kentucky - rob a store and shot a cashier in the face 2 pages 2 references please.

Reducing Juvenile Weapons Crime

Reducing Juvenile Weapons Crimes Explain the Youth Firearms Violence Initiative. Choose one of the strategies and tactics shown in Table 8.2 (p. 246) which will be Community Base Activities. Explain the program in depth and its effectiveness in reducing juvenile weapons crimes. Requirements: •2- pages double spaced

The Development of Juvenile Justice

Choose three cases you believe have been most important in the development/evolution of juvenile justice and why. Thompson v. Oklahoma - killed his sister's boyfriend Stanford v. Kentucky - rob a store and shot a cashier in the face Roper v. Simmons - threw a lady off a bridge 2 pages double spaced APA FORMAT 2 refer

Correctional Officers and Gender

2-page essay, write a position paper on whether correctional officers should be the same gender as the inmates in the facility to which they are assigned. Support their position with at least one "real-life" example. Finally, reflect on the challenges and rewards of having different-gendered correctional officers. 2 reference