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    Extradition for "General Manuel Noriega"

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    Write a two page essay, examine the situation surrounding the following individual who was extradited forcibly for a crime committed.

    Explaining why the individual should have been or should not have been extradited.

    "General Manuel Noriega"

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    The extradition of Noriega was the greatest example of the hypocrisy and malice associated with America's war on drugs. This was the epitome of America's disastrous foreign policy intertwined with its domestic failures in regard to how it facilitates the drugs that it uses as a "war" against poor and minority people not only in America but across the globe. The fact that America had put Noriega in power, gave him the support and ...

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    Extradition for General Manuel Noriega is examined. Why individuals should have been or should not have been extradited is explained.