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    Criminal Law and Justice

    Cameras in the Courtroom

    In what ways might pretrial news coverage be damaging to the objective outcome of a criminal trial? Given the emphasis that society places on freedom of the press and freedom of speech, do you believe that judges should be allowed to issue gag rules restricting the ability of trial participants to discuss a case outside of cou

    Cyber-Crime Court Cases

    Substantive Research You are required to complete a substantive research paper assignment comprising of 5 pages Microsoft Word document. Conduct research on atleast two cybercrime court cases, decisions and or appeals to cybercrime case that took place within the last 10 years. Identify the type of cybercrime, how the c

    Cybercrime Research History

    Complete a research paper based on a research obtained from a variety of sources, including some legal research on current court cases that demonstrate your position on the impact of cybercrimes on the criminal justice system. Find out about the history of cybercrimes. Include the changing techniques used to commit the crimes

    Cybercriminals Profile

    Profile at least two high profile cyber criminals over the last 10 years. Identify the crimes they committed, their age, gender, ethnicity, location, education, religion and modus operandi. Determine where they got their "education" in cybercrime. Discuss whether there is a typical profile of a cyber-criminal and if the crimi

    Cybercrime Criminal Explanations

    You receive a phone call from a credit card company stating your payment is late and has an outstanding balance of $3500.00 for purchases made last month. You state you have not made any purchases for that amount of money nor do you own a credit card from that company. From your textbook and lecture reading, and surfing the Inte

    Global Crime Law

    1.) What are Naím's Five Wars of Globalization and why are they important to recognize? 2.) Cox's article is called, "The Dark Side of Flowers." What is this oppressive side of the industry and who does it most affect? 3.) Stephen Aguilar Millan's "The Globalization of Crime" presents many different sides to world crime

    criminal obsessions class notes

    1.) What are your views on organized crime and the process of globalization? Use the readings as support for your thoughts. 2.) Why has money laundering become such a powerful tool in 20th/21st century life, especially in such diverse areas as wars, organized crime, and all forms of trafficking? How does global power prod

    Cybercrime: Administrative Staff Requirement

    Pick a sector of law enforcement, or a law enforcement jurisdiction you are interested in, or a private sector industry that is affected by cybercrime, and present the statistics on cybercrimes in that sector for the last five years. Most importantly, discuss if the unit you have chosen for your assignment should or should no

    Cybercrime: Implications for Law Enforcement

    The criminal justice system encompasses three main divisions: Police, courts, and corrections. All three divisions are affected by the increase in people committing cybercrimes and the prosecution and sentencing of cyber criminals. Discuss one way in which cybercrimes have affected law enforcement. What changes have state and

    Illegal Voting in the U.S.

    Illegal voting by illegal aliens in local, county, state, and federal elections in the U.S. has become a serious concern. With driver's licenses made available by several states to aliens (both legal and illegal), it seems likely that voter rolls now contain large numbers of aliens who can illegally vote. Since the illegal alien

    Prisoner Exchanges in Foreign Countries

    As an immigration officer, you have been assigned to prepare a prisoner exchange between the U.S. and the Philippines. Explain how you would accomplish this assignment. What are the statutes involved? How would you handle the issues of claims of torture in foreign prisons by US exchange prisoners? Do you think, there is a need f

    Illegal Immigrants: United States

    To be employed in the U.S., you must complete Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form. This form, required by law under the DHS Act, inspects Form I-9 with a subpoena and enforces the statutes pertaining to the Form I-9. Failure to have an employee complete the Form I-9 can result in civil or criminal fines or prosecut

    Immigration Policies

    There have been numerous immigration policies enacted in the U.S. as a direct result of 9/11. Create a 2- to 3-page report in a Microsoft Word document that includes any one immigration policy that has been enacted after 9/11: Describe an overview of the policy. Explain how has (or how will) this policy effect the safety of

    Aliens in the U.S.

    What, according to you, are illegal alien networks? Explain how and what they do to facilitate illegal alien entry and the acquisition of documents, and to assist in reaching a final destination. Alien networks are loosely related but are distinct to their function and geographic area. Explain these distinctions with the help o

    Immigrants and US Citizens

    There has been a lot of talk around town about immigrants (both legal and illegal) coming to the U.S. and being employed in jobs that have traditionally hired American workers. Due to the current unemployment rate in the U.S., this is causing some heated debates between politicians. As a spokesperson with the DHS, you have been

    Investigation and Effects on the Community

    For this assignment you will return to the case that you chose for Week 3 Assignment 2. Create a 4- to 5-page report in Microsoft Word document that covers the investigation and the effects of the case on the community with regards to the following points: Describe the investigation. How did the investigators proceed? Was

    criminal justice in the community

    Senior citizens are often victims of assault, abuse and fraud, among other crimes. Since we currently have more older adults than ever before, perhaps it is time for the police to change their tactics in order to protect them. Please consider the following scenario and answer the questions: ◦What changes in police services

    The ViCAP Program

    One of the biggest challenges in serial killer investigation has always been the challenge of recognizing that different victims may be connected to the same killer. In the wake of the Bundy case, the FBI created the ViCAP. Describe the ViCAP program and why it was inspired by the Bundy case in particular. Is this an effectiv

    Victim Selection Types

    Serial killers usually pursue a particular type of victim. Analyzing the characteristics of a killer's victims can greatly assist the effort to create a typology of the killer. •What does "demographics of victimization" mean? How can location relate to the demographics of victimization? •Do serial killers with different ty

    Law Enforcement Pros and Cons

    People go into law enforcement for a myriad of different reasons. First and foremost, people enter this profession because they want to help others. Often, a person who has been victimized in the past wants to do everything in his/her power to see that people do not become victimized as well. Please answer the following quest

    Mass Murderers Aftermath

    Mass Murderers In the aftermath of mass murders, the news media and members of the public ask questions such as "Why did he do it?" and "Were there any warning signs?" Consider what you've learned this week regarding the sociological, psychological, and biological influences of multiple murderers. Choose one of the followi

    Organized and Disorganized Serial Killers

    A key characteristic of a serial killer is whether he or she is organized or disorganized. Your texts discuss this topic. Be sure to read the assigned sections for this week in order to complete this assignment: You are a behavioral analyst who has been hired to train your city's homicide detectives about organized and disorg

    Computer Based Crime

    The Internet facilitates a wide range of criminal behavior. The websites that facilitate or promote these crimes fall into two categories: sites that deliberately facilitate crime, and sites that conduct legitimate business but are used by some for illegal purposes. Examples of the first category are sites where prostitutes adve

    Crimes through e-mail & internet

    Electronic communication has developed significantly in recent years. You can now conduct research from your laptop or Smart Phone instead of visiting a library. You can learn about news as it is happening instead of waiting for the next day's newspaper. You can communicate verbally and visually with others anywhere in world.

    Corporate Fraud Examples

    There are several examples of corporate fraud. Some of these are: •Adelphia •Global Crossing •Qwest Communications •Rite Aid •Tyco •WorldCom •GlaxoSmithKline Choose one of the given examples of corporate fraud and write a 4- to 5-page report in Microsoft Word, addressing the following questions: •How

    ImClone Case: Insider Trading

    In the ImClone case, Martha Stewart was convicted of lying to investigators (obstruction of justice and perjury) and also charged with securities fraud for selling stock of a company called ImClone. Based on your understanding of the ImClone case, answer the following questions: •Why did this case come to the attention of

    Types of White-Collar Crime

    For this assignment, you are going to become a white-collar criminal! Using the proper terminology, write a 4- to 5-page report in Microsoft Word describing how you would orchestrate one of the following types of white-collar crimes: •Bait and switch •Telemarketing fraud •Ponzi scheme •Charity-based fraud Your rep

    Cyber Crime and Psychology

    Topic Selection Explanation Tips (CYBER CRIME) For this course, you'll be writing one final paper to highlight the multiplicity of information that you have learned while at Grantham. As part of your degree plan, you were asked to concentrate in several areas. When writing your paper, your paper must combine two disciplines.

    Site on National Priority List

    Visit the Web site of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That site includes the National Priorities List (NPL), which identifies locations where environmental damage is being corrected. For example, if a pesticide company was found to be dumping harmful chemicals into a lake, the NPL would document the case and the statu

    Research on Cyber-Crime

    Research Proposal Topic Selection Please post the topic you plan to explore. Include why you selected it and how it impacts your profession. Your submission should be at least 250 words Using the checklist provided on pages 47 and 48 of the text, please prepare and post a document explaining your proposed research project