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    Custodial Model and Incarceration Model

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    Which model do you think provides the best treatment?

    Research the custodial model of incarceration of the United States and the rehabilitation model of the United Kingdom.

    How are these 2 models similar?
    How are these 2 models different?
    Which model do you feel is more effective at reducing the rate of recidivism?
    Do you believe that both countries should adopt the same model of incarceration?

    Please include references. Thank you.

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    The custodial model of incarceration in the United States and the rehabilitation model of the United Kingdom are similar, due to the fact that both models contain some form of punishment as a deterrent in order to help to prevent the commission of crime by the offenders in the future. This punishment is the incarceration of these individuals, and the lack of freedom that is imposed upon these individuals due to their incarceration and separation from their friends and families. Another way in which these models are similar, is due to the fact that each of these models involve the utilization of bureaucratic correctional institutions as the means by ...