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    Criminal Justice challenges in custodial care

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    The major issues to be addressed in this solution are those "key" issues in the area of custodial care (incarceration). Is it food, rape, abuse, disease, riots, overcrowding, cost issues or perhaps drugs? References to information is provided in each area and each or all of the issues could be considered "key," according to the judgment of the student.

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    To assist in discussing custodial challenges, the following is offered for your consideration. The internet references are not "blogs" in the sense that there is an open discussion. They contain articles related to the topics indicated before or after them. They key issue, for example, of particular health problems such as hyperglycemia, i.e. diabetes, is followed by the link to the article regarding that subject.)

    You can discuss the difference in enforcement in cities, small communities and rural areas. What are the cost issues and does confiscating property and using the funds that may be received from this confiscated material have influence on the taking of property? When it comes to the judicial portion of the problem, it appears that you have that pretty much under control. Are there a sufficient number of courts and judges? How much discretion do judges really have in this generation with mandatory sentencing?

    When you think about people who are incarcerated, what would be the problems that might occur with which the CJA must deal. Of course ...

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    This solution addresses the key issues facing those in the Criminal Justice System in the area of those who are in custody. A variety of topics are offered from which to choose "key" issues that can be discussed.