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    Topic: Homicides

    APA paragraphs with proper APA citation(s)/reference(s)

    1. There are different levels or degrees of homicide. Discuss these degrees.
    Give examples.

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    The first thing you want to do when answering this question is to look at the major areas of homicide. These include: Murder, Manslaughter, and Justifiable Homicide. Murder is generally defined as the intentional taking of the life of another with malice aforethought. The Men's rea or mental state is intentional and the actus rea is the taking of the life of another person.

    There is more than on degree of murder, the definitions of which can vary under state law. The degrees of murder include: Capital murder, First degree murder, Second degree murder, and Third degree murder. In the criminal codes of many states, capital murder is generally classified as homicide with special circumstances such as the murder of a child. Murder for hire also generally falls into the category of capital murder. First degree murder is a homicide which generally involves the element of premeditation.
    "First-Degree Murder: First-degree murder, most serious of all homicide charges, is reserved for situations where the person accused of the homicide planned the killing and intended for the victim to ...

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    The solution discusses the different levels or degrees of homicide and provides examples for each.