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Descriptive statistics

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1. The number of homicides in 5 Canadian provinces for 1997 and 2001 are as follows
1997 2001
Province Homicides Population Homicides Population
Nova Scotia 24 906,100 9 942,900
Quebec 132 7,323,600 149 7,417,700
Ontario 178 11,387,400 170 12,068,300
Manitoba 31 1,137,900 34 1,150,800
British Colombia 116 3,997,100 85 4,141,300

a) Calculate the homicide rate per 100,000 population for each province for each year. Relatively speaking, which province had the highest homicide rates in each year? Which society seems to have the higher homicide rate Write a paragraph describing these results.
b) Using the rates you calculated in part a Calculate the percentage change between 1997 and 2001 for each province. Which province had the largest increase and decrease? Which society seems to have the largest change in homicide rates? Summarize your results in a paragraph.

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