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Telematics Technology in Law Enforcement Agencies

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Please help in creating an outline on 'Telematics technology, explaining how it works and providing examples of how it is currently being applied by law enforcement agencies around the U.S'.

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The solution discusses the telematics technology in law enforcement agencies.

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Telematics is a broad term that connects objects in realtime to any authorized computer or device. Insurance companies are very interested in this because, if embedded in cars they insure, they can see how the person really drives minute to minute. Thus coming up with premium changes would be extremely accurate.

LoJak or OnStar are earlier versions of telematics. Lots of the EZ-Passes on tollways are actually telematic. They do far more than pay your tolls, they can record average speeds and general position at any time. Th real difference is that these systems record every move as they are being made. Earlier tech could only transmit static information like owners or plate numbers.

In addition, certain manufacturers are embedding telematics in vehicles in order to tell the driver, and the service station, what is wrong with the car and how the owner of the vehicle might have contributed to it. Part of the issue here is that all of this, with the proper procedure, is accessible by law enforcement. More broadly, the Justice Department uses the Acantius Web, which permits any authorized user to access any database concerning crime from anywhere.

The Department of Homeland Security has upgraded their telematics so as to integrate the communications of field officers. The ...

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