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    DNA in Law Enforcement

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    DNA In Law Enforcement

    With the discovery of DNA still being rather new, we may still have some hurdles to overcome and changes to foresee. Newly emerging technology involving DNA continues to enhance the efforts of law enforcement. please respond to the following prompts:

    Describe how DNA has enhanced law enforcement.
    What are some of the anticipated changes to this technology?
    Be sure to address all prompts and cite your sources 2 ages

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    Describe how DNA has enhanced law enforcement.

    Law enforcement has been significantly enhanced by the discovery of DNA as it has inherently improved how law enforcement investigations are conducted by assisting law enforcement in solving cases that previously would have been unable to be solved. When there are no other clues and there are no witnesses, DNA evidence can provide the necessary evidence to expose the suspects in an ever-widening range of crimes. In addition, it helps exonerate wrongfully convicted citizens while also reducing the number of innocent ...

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    DNA in Law Enforcement is examined. The anticipated changes to the technology is examined.