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The Autobiography of an Execution

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The Book is

The Autobiography of an Execution by David Dow. Please respond to this book.

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The solution discusses the autobiography of an execution.

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The book is passionate and intimate in its portrayal of the death penalty and the barbaric nature of a system that kills people to "prevent" others from killing. Despite the fact that the author has represented a majority of guilty murderers on death row, murderers who were guilty of unspeakable crimes in his eyes, he eloquently portrays how killing those that have been convicted of murder is as murderous as the person that has killed an innocent person. The killing of another human being isn't any less of a murderous act because it has been sanctioned as legal by the state according to the author. Throughout the book, the author provides insight into his attempts to delay executions in the criminal justice system despite the fact that it's inevitable that he will lose his stays of execution appeals. The author elucidates upon a the reality that the American criminal justice system is actually a unjust, racist, and classist system that is predicated upon behavior that is unethical and unequal.

Minorities are far more likely to receive the death penalty and the court actors also are unethical in the process that is conducted for issuing a death sentence as prosecutors hide evidence, police testily on the stand, and lawyers have been known to be so incompetent that they've slept through the trials of death penalty clients. In addition, the appellate lawyers forget to file appeals on time while judges who are removed from their legal responsibility justify condemning people to death without any oversight or safeguards to prevent innocent ...

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