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Identify a positive celebrity role model.

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Mary Tyler Moore was the positive celebrity role model identified in this solution. In this solution we discuss her roles on the Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke shows, and we mention some facts from her autobiography as well. It also analyzes her relationship with some of the other members on these shows, and mentions some aspects of her personality that made her a positive celebrity role model.

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Ok, being an old timer, I think a positive celebrity role model happened to be Mary Tyler Moore. The two roles I am familiar with in regard to her are the parts she played on the Dick Van Dyke show, and then in her own show Mary Tyler Moore.

On the Dick Van Dyke show, which came first, Mary was a house wife with one child and married to Dick Van Dyke. You didn't see much of her interactions with her son, but nonetheless she was a positive role model and great mother to him as could be seen in how well her child behaved and interacted with her. Her son Richie had very good self esteem and the ability to interact with his father, friends, and other adults, so obviously she and Dick must have ...

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This solution chooses Mary Tyler Moore as a positive celebrity role model. It discusses her roles on the Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke shows, and mentions material from here autobiography.

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