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    Group Influences on Consumer Behavior

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    * Describe two (2) groups that serve as aspiration reference groups for you. In what ways have they influenced your consumption pattern? Explain your answer.
    * Identify a recent (a) continuous innovation, (b) dynamically continuous innovation, and (c) discontinuous innovation. Justify your selections.

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    Aspiration reference groups are groups of people we wish to be compared to. For example, a celebrity role model, a relative or a friend who we believe has a personality or wealth that we would want for ourselves.

    Many companies use celebrities as their brand ambassadors in order to appeal to the masses that would like to associate themselves with the celebrity. For example, Chanel uses Keira Knightley and Nicole Kidman as their brand ambassadors for their fragrances. By doing so they appeal to the people who look up to these celebrities and admire ...

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    The expert examines group influences on consumer behaviors.