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Supply Chain Strategy

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In 1000 words, explain what a supply chain is and discuss the importance of a company having a supply chain strategy. Identify at least four key drivers of any supply chain strategy and discuss why each is an important ingredient to a supply chain strategy. Cite an example of a company that has used its supply chain as a competitive advantage and explain how.

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The supply chain strategy within a business model that strives towards meeting the end result of product quality and reinforcing the brand identity based on the consumer expectations of the brand product / service.

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A supply chain is important to the functional ability for a company to produce the product or service in a cost effective method to delivering products to the consumer. Companies strive in identifying the most effective way to move forward their product or services that serves their customers as well as ending in profitability. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the key element within the management network in a company that pulls together the interconnected resources (business relationships / agreements) for the provision to producing the product.

The product or service process identifies a company's supply chain procedural mainframe to how all spans of movement from raw materials to the finished item is conducted. Management in ...

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