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Influence of Fictional Crime Shows

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I need help in generating ideas on this assignment: 'Watch both a real and a fictional crime show. Your choices for a real crime show are: First 48, Final Witness, or 48 Hour Mystery. Your choices for a fictional show are CSI, The Closer, or NCIS.'

Summarize both cases and then compare and contrast the investigation of both crime scenes and the tools used. Consider how the influence of fictional crime shows impacts the investigations of real crime scenes.

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The following posting summarized cases the compare and contract the investigation of crime scenes and tools used.

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CSI: Sheltered, Season 13, episode 18 - Fictional Crime Show

Carl Abrams is a camper who is abducted and killed by slow torture. Forensic investigation discovered the modes of torture (cutting off of extremities) as well as the use of a bear trap (which may or may not have been part of the murder).
Investigators, with the help of a crime dog, found an underground bunker where a girl, Miranda, and her father were actually living with her father, Tommy Barnes. Miranda would "service" boys down there while her father worked low paying jobs.

Carl Abrams was thought to have been killed in a rage by Tommy, since he thought they were using the bunker to use Miranda (they were, at least at one point). A local, Luke Holland was in a relationship, of sort, with Miranda, and it was assumed they were using the bunker for their trysts. As it turns out, Luke did not kill Carl, nor did Tommy (since Carl was one of Miranda's "friends"). The father of the apparently bisexual Abrams male lover killed him out of resentment for his son's homo- or bisexual lifestyle.

The scene is chaotic. There are many side characters and it seems that everyone has a motive. Much of the crime solving is done by accident. The final moments were of tracking down yet another character, Derrick, who witnessed the murder, and held that it was Edward Trigg, who committed the murder.
So in this case, it was the original slam ...

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