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    Drunk Driving Effects

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    Visit the MADD website. Discuss the effects "DUI" has on the families affected by such drivers and the laws in our state.

    How is blood alcohol measured and collected?

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    Drunk driving affects millions of Americans every day because of the profound negative impact it has on us. According to The Century Council (2013), in 2011 New Jersey had a total of 193 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities. The percentage of total driving fatalities that involved alcohol-impaired drivers was 30.8%. Unfortunately when a crash occurs as a result of a DUI, the intoxicated driver is often not injured because he or she is so extremely relaxed, that they do not tense up prior to the impact, which often is the cause of injuries. Unfortunately the vast majority of the other drivers (non-intoxicated) are badly injured. The effects of drunken driving sting deeply. Melanie Bassi's parents were all ...

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    Affects of drunk driving on families of victims and New Jersey laws.