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    Epidemiology (Population-Based Health Studies)

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    Globalization of Heart Disease

    Dean Ornish describes the "globalization of heart disease" in this talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/dean_ornish_on_the_world_s_killer_diet.html Explain why this is occurring and correlate national behavioral and genetic risk factors to the epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases.

    Asthma Discussion

    I would like help with writing a brief introductory paper that gives the reader an overview of the disease then to write about the signs and symptoms of the disease, causes, pathophysiology, diagnosis, management, epidemiology, etymology and history of the disease. Can anyone help? (5 pages and 5 peer review references)

    H1N1 Pandemic Statistics and Decision Making in a Streptococcus Outbreak

    1. In 2009, there was a major H1N1 pandemic. Researching further for more information, research the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization data and statistics relating to the national and global findings. Using the researched data information, include the information in a table to compare and

    Epidemiologists and Monitoring Prescriptions

    With the concept of collect once, use many times, it is increasingly evident that data collected for one purpose are used to satisfy another. The state of Rhode Island, for example, tracked the spread of H1N1 influenza by looking at electronic prescription records for Tamiflu and other antivirals prescribed. Data on the zip code

    A Mumps Epidemic - Iowa, 2006

    Hi, Dr. Levy-Mairs, PhD. May I ask of your assistance with this problem? I would appreciate whatever help you can assist me with. I am not too familiar with it. Thank you in advance. A large proportion of the mumps cases in Iowa were among vaccinated persons. Why wasn't it concluded that the vaccine was not working? 300 w

    Health Care Interview

    Hi, I need help with this interview assignment. I need some guidance on how to approach this question. Conduct an interview with a health care professional. Do the following: A. Describe the targeted department or facility. B. Give information about the type of work done in the department or facility. C. Give any interest

    Marketing Foods that Cause Poor Nutrition and Obese Children

    Field Research Consider the following: Many products, diets, and services are marketed to parents as beneficial to infant or toddler development. In order to increase sales to parents and caretakers, some companies use marketing strategies that make exaggerated, unfounded, or unrealistic claims about the effects of their pr

    Tests and Scales

    What are the relationships among tests and scales, populations, reliability and validity. Describe the test and scale examples from your discipline, including the populations, the reliability and validity of each test, and whether the test and scale could be applied to another population.

    Breast Cancer Campaign

    - Explain the community-based response to the breast cancer issue, including community-based planning, needs assessments, and selection of locally identified objectives. - Compare institutional and community leadership roles in responding to these targeted health objectives. - Describe any economic factors and funding inte

    An Outbreak of Fulminant Hepatitis B in a Medical Ward

    I need help with answering this question in 300 words or more, with references. "An Outbreak of Fulminant Hepatitis B in a Medical Ward in Israel" What were the possible mechanisms of transmission considered for this outbreak by the CDC staff before sending the author to Israel and what were the strengths and weaknesses of

    Epidemiology and Autism

    How has epidemiology been used to define the public health problem of Autism? I need to review an article on this topic and provide a summary.

    Today's Health Care: Clinical Nurse Leaders

    Please help me with a project on clinical nurse leaders. I need to identify the educational preparation and role(s) of the clinical nurse leader (CNL) designation and provide an example of how the CNL influences direct patient care. I will also like to identify advocacy strategies that can be used to create change in a w

    The Demographic Transition Theory

    The demographic transition theory describes a set of interrelated social and demographic changes that contribute to astronomical growth and aging of the population. The theory attributes a significant role to the timing, nature, and strength of declining birthrate and increased mortality. Analyze the demographic transition the

    Descriptive Epidemiology: Trends and Cohort Effects

    (1) Define the term descriptive epidemiology. (2) Give the definitions and examples of the categories of descriptive epidemiology. (3) What are secular trends and cohort effects? Explain the relationship between these two terms.


    Briefly explain the effects of the following on atherosclerosis. Be sure to include some data on the epidemiology (statistics on the effects of the substance) and the molecular effect or actions: 1. Fish oil 2. Trans fats in diet 3. Diabetes 4. cRP and inflammation: 5. Cholesterol subtypes (HDL2 and dense small LDL or lar

    Public Health Ethics

    1. Explain the concept of ethical relativism. What are the inherent dangers in ethical relativism? 2. How does elitism impact our perceptions and our actions as professionals in public health? How can we mitigate against elitism? 3. When making involuntary quarantine decisions, determine what ethical theories support our decis

    Do you feel that PTSD affects all segments of society equally?

    (a) Do you feel that PTSD affects all segments of society equally? Why or why not? (b) Are the available treatments for PTSD administered by health professionals effective? Why or why not? (c) Do you feel that there is a stigma associated with this mental illness?

    Tobacco users and the Impact on the successful outcome of Public Health Education

    Compare outcomes achieved in public health efforts in terms of the control of infectious diseases and tobacco use. Which of these accomplishments has had the greatest impact on health status and quality of life of Americans living in the early 21st century? Explain and help me understand why you feel this way. Using the CDC