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Epidemiology (Population-Based Health Studies)

Asset Mapping and GIS

Define the concepts of asset-mapping and GIS mapping. Describe one major advantage and one major limitation for each concept in the context of conducting a community health assessment. Include a specific example of an instance when it would be recommended to use one concept rather than the other and explain why this is the case

Disease Factors

Are host, agent, and environment equally important in the natural history of disease, or is one feature more critical than the others? Justify your reasoning.

Milestones in Epidemiology

Develop or illustrate a timeline of epidemiologic milestones in public health. What is one of the most significant milestones to you? Why?

Point of Dispensing and Disaster Mitigation

Using the attached PowerPoint I need help with these questions below: 1.Describe 2 key strength and 2 key limitations you discovered. 2.Pick a recent disaster from the headlines and think through how the exercise approach would assist in mitigation, during disaster responses, and post-disaster responses. What would be so

Radiation Emergency

I need help with the following questions. 1. Name the 2 major threats from a radiation emergency. 2. Hypothetically, how would the media probably portray the event and what would a likely specific result be? 3. How can public health officials & emergency managers are proactive in disseminating information without caus

Public Health Challenges

Please help me to identify and briefly explain two current public health challenges. Identify the gaps in associated research. Discuss ways to overcome these public health challenges.

Brazil's Drug Trade and related health issues

Discuss in detail, the ongoing drug-related violence in Brazil, the target population of this catastrophe, and how this catastrophe affects health outcomes in the country. Please indicate any references to support statistics and findings.

Descriptive epidemiology

Describe how descriptive epidemiology is used in disease surveillance. Identify the professionals and agencies that conduct disease and environmental surveillance.

Guinea Worm Disease

1. State the correct Latin name of the disease and briefly describe the disease including the pathogen, vector, life cycle and incubation period, primary mode of transmission, and the signs and symptoms of the disease? 2. Briefly describe the epidemiology of Guinea Worm Disease over the past 30 years? 3. Briefly describ

Comparing Health Outcomes: India & China

Briefly describe 2 health outcomes for China and India where the experiences were different. Explain the reasons for these disparities. Identify the experience of health outcomes in Kerala, India and suggest reasons for why they are similar or different than the rest of India.

Population Health Challenges

What are the effects of globalization of health, poverty, human rights, and the environment in the U.S. and Japan? What are 2 population health challenges attributed to economic conditions of both countries? Indicate 2 public health interventions to overcome these challenges

Epidemiology: Hazardous Radiation

Discuss the possible health effects that have been associated with exposure to electric and magnetic fields and ionizing radiation. What methodological difficulties exist with respect to investigations of the health effects of these forms of radiation?

What can America learn from Japan concerning health care

Briefly identify how reconstruction after World War II contributed to Japan's contemporary health status. Summarize one significant political feature and one legal feature of Japan's contemporary health care system that contributes to Japan's population health status. Offer two reasons (historical, political, legal, and/

Genetic Jewish Disease

I am doing a power point presentation and I need Diseases Indigenous to Israel and I cannot find anything current other than H5N1 Avian Influenza No human cases have been reported. Cases reported in poultry in Israel, including the West Bank and Gaza from the CDC and in 1994 Three vector-borne diseases, Mediterranean spotted fev

Infectious vs. Chronic Diseases

Infectious diseases like HIV and AIDS are contracted through personal contact and are major issues in developing countries. However, chronic diseases currently have the largest impact on the nation's health. Nearly 75% of healthcare dollars are spent on the treatment of chronic diseases. For example, diabetes, cancer, and heart

Applying Epidemiology for Gastroenteritis Case

TDH staff were skeptical of the student's report but felt that a minimal amount of exploration was necessary. They began by making a few telephone calls to establish the facts and determine if other persons were similarly affected. The pizzeria, where the student and his roommate had eaten, was closed until 11:00 A.M. Ther

Epidemic, Endemic, Pandemic

Based on this week's readings and your knowledge of epidemiological concepts address the following questions: - Which offices need to respond? How would you coordinate a response? - Did the case require an immediate public health response? - Determine what type of emergency is described in the case. Is this an epidemic,

Applying Epidemiology

Epidemiology is the study of epidemics. More specifically, it is the study of the occurrence and distribution of health problems. Using any of the epidemiological techniques outlined in the chapters from this week's reading, address the questions for one of the case studies outlined below. • Epidemiological Case #1: Gastr

Improving population Health from birth

Please help me to explain the phrase: "we are all born equal," and how it constrains how society thinks about early life.... What does this concept overlook or mask? Identify and explain how life origins and health can influence adult morbidity... What are two challenges to addressing the upstream risk and protective dete

The Use of ProMed to Detect Outbreaks

Please help weighing the benefits and the potential problems of using ProMed for surveillance purposes. I need an elaborate response and some examples. Please provide some references, as well, so that I may investigate further.

The Use of ProMED-Mail

Please provide the advantages of using the ProMED-mail system to track the outbreak of diseases internationally.

Wildfire Disaster Planning

Identify three lessons learned during the recent wildfires in California. What improvements can be made to pre-fire planning?