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Epidemiology (Population-Based Health Studies)

Medical Futility

Define medical futility and discuss the ethical implications of futility in the context of Resource Allocation. Should patients or their families have say as to what constitutes futile treatment? Or is the decision best left to the physician?

A few questions about diet are included.

1)The rate of obesity in America is steadily increasing along with the incidence of adult-onset diabetes. What role does family, lifestyle, and psychological issues play in obesity? What health-related risk factors increase with obesity? Keeping these factors in mind, how would you address the issues of health and wellness with

A self practice exercise is empphasized in health care.

Select one public sector not-for-profit health agency within the United States health care system. Describe the type of health organization: government, quasi-government, or voluntary. Examples include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Indian Health Service, Quality Improvement Organizations (QIO), the American Hea


Prepare a three to four page list (forty sources) of scholarly journal articles that relate to the topic of off-shoring an IT/accounting team to a low labor cost country. Very important: You need to ensure that you are using only scholarly, peer reviewed journals for you reference list. Specifically, the bibliography list

Education - indicator of socioeconomic status?

Education is often used as an indicator of a persons socioeconomic status. Historically, the number of years of schooling completed has been recorded in the Census of Population as a measure of education. Critics say that this measure is no longer accurate as a measure of education. Comment and support your reasoning in deta

Off-Shoring an IT/Accounting Team

Prepare a three to four page list (forty sources) of scholarly journal articles that relate to the topic of off-shoring an IT/accounting team to a low labor cost country. Specifically, the bibliography list is needed to answer questions if outsourcing or off-shoring will result in cost savings, if customer satisfaction will

Healthcare: Emerging Ethical Issues

Select an emerging issue that will pose new ethical dilemmas for healthcare. For example, technology integration, innovation testing, genetic mapping, stem cell research, etc. QUESTIONS: 1. Using APA format, analyze whether global competition affects U.S. healthcare policy? 2. For example, stem cell research in Euro


Osteoarthritis: Summarize and current hypothesis, or casual theories or ideas proposed to explain the distributions by person, place, and time in literature, on the web, or ideas you have about why something might be true---for ex., if you find a gender difference, why might that be? Conclude by pointing out what is NOT known ab

Incident prevention strategy - Pandemic-flu

Hello, Could someone help me to come up with an incident prevention strategy for flu pandemic and any mitigation strategy ideas for the flu pandemic in a nursing home for seniors with dementia-related illnesses? Thanks.

Epidemiology: Mortality Rates

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 4,739 deaths occurred in the U.S. during 2000 when a pedestrian was struck and killed by a motor vehicle. They estimate that 78,000 pedestrians were injured in pedestrian/motor-vehicle collisions during the year. The population of the United States that year was 28

Epidemiology: Mortality and Population Growth

Unless stated otherwise, express all final answers for this problem per 1,000. Based on the data in Table 1: 1) Calculate the crude mortality rate. 2) Calculate the crude birth rate. 3) If there is no immigration or emigration (migration in or out), is this population growing or shrinking? 4) Calculate the cause-sp

Health Problems & Psychology

Summarize the multi-factorial model and how it relates to the diagnosis of illnesses. Explain Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)and Coronary Heart Disease and what role psychology has played in understanding and managing these health problems.

The delivery of patient care & improvement

Please help me with the following: Clinical Governance in healthcare is a system through which healthcare organizations are accountable for continuously improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care (improving the standard of clinical practice), by creating an environment in which clinical ex

Qualitative research - critiquing an article

Any help with this qualitative article would be greatly appreciated. I have attached the article and the criteria. Thanks for the help. Qualitative Research Paper Each student will assess or critique a qualitative research article, from 1996 or after, in a nursing research journal. Consider identifying an article that w

Sport hernias in sport or active people

1. From the article, what are some of the signs and symptoms of a sports hernia? 2. In your opinion how can you use this information in you profession? 3. How would you help someone with this condition return to sport or their prior level of function? What precautions would you use with post-surgical patients?

Epidemiology and Administrators

Do you think knowing, understanding, and using epidemiology would help an administrator in decision-making? Would it help to identify solutions, resolve issues, or address concerns quickly and efficiently?

Occupational Health and Safety

Please see attached file for full problem description. Safety and Health Pioneers 1. Choose a person from the attached list (see last page). In three paragraphs tell what contribution this person made to the health and safety practice and why you think the contribution was important. (10 pts.) 2. "Near miss accident

Respiratory Disorders

9. A, Explain the significance and limitations of a positive tuberculin test. 9. B. Explain the conditions under which tuberculosis may be contagious. 9. C. What measures can be taken by health professionals to minimize the spread of infection. 10. A. Explain how obstruction develops with chronic bronchitis.

Applying epidemiology

A new screening program was instituted in a certain country. The program used a screening test that is effective in detecting cancer B at an early stage. Assume that there is no effective treatment for this type of cancer and, therefore, that the program results in no change in the usual course of the disease. Assume also that t

Incidence rate of disease explanation

The incidence rate of a disease is five times greater in women than in men, but the prevalence rates show no sex difference. The best explanation is that : Correct answer in review question: B. the case-fatality for this disease is greater in women. Again no explanation in the answer section how the authors arrived at this

Ethical Issues in Public Health, Neonatal & Prevention

I need assistance with the following questions for a paper: Neonatal health care: 1. What interventions would you see to improve neonatal health care in the United States? What is the key ethical issue you see in our current direction? Infant Mortality & Morbidity Rates In the United States (US): 2. Cite the stat

Medical Records & Privacy

The office manager of the physician practice office where you work has assembled a team to assess the pros and cons of moving from paper-based medical records to computer-based medical records. The office is considered a covered entity under HIPAA regulations. You are a member of that team. After much analysis, the practice has