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    Epidemiology (Population-Based Health Studies)

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    Outbreak of Gastrointestinal Illness Summary

    Based on the article attached, please asesses each subject question listed below: An Outbreak of Gastrointestinal Illness following a Church Supper 1. Would you call this an epidemic? Would you call it an outbreak? 2. Review the steps of an outbreak investigation 3. List the broad categories of diseases that must be

    Ecologic Fallacy

    Scenario: Congratulations! You just received funding from the EPA to conduct a study to see if there is a link between air pollution and lung disease. As a public health professional, how would you design a study that is not weakened by the ecologic fallacy? You should include the following considerations in your study de

    Continuing education programs

    As you are putting the policy and procedure manual together, another team notes that continuing education of cancer registry personnel is a requirement for accreditation. They have asked for a meeting with other teams to determine how much money should be allocated for education and what kinds of programs personnel should attend

    Prospective and Retrospective Cohort Studies

    Explain the difference between prospective and retrospective cohort studies by performing a literature search to locate two studies that illustrate these types of studies and write a brief synopsis of each one, comparing and contrasting the two types of studies. How about polio vaccinated people verses unvaccinated people, or i

    Epidemiology project help

    Please explain the concept of epidemiological surveillance and the use of outbreak investigative techniques. How do epidemiologists determine if an epidemic is occurring? Please provide references.

    Defining Long-Term-Care

    Choose chapter 6 of whqlibdoc.who.int/publications/2003/9241562250.pdf Include a brief summary of the main points

    Select a population that is vulnerable,pick a disease for one of these populations,explain the type of epidemiology uses for your topic(descriptive or analysis) describe the relationship of the disease to various levels of prevention

    Select a population that is vulnerable, infants, teens,homeless, elderly, mentally ill, immigrants, victims of violence, pick a disease for one of these populations, influenza, hiv, hpv, hepatitis, diabetes, cancer, heart fisease, obesity, pregnancy, drug abuse. define epidemiology. Review routine research data(medical and healt

    You are the chief epidemiologist at a local county health department.

    I need assistance with a letter related to epidemiology: You are the chief epidemiologist at a local county health department. One day, you receive a phone call from Mrs. Hudson, a resident of the northern part of a nearby town with a population of 25,000. She believes there is a cancer cluster in her community. Here's why:

    Hydrating power of water, Gatorade and PowerAde.

    A register dietitian has been asked to help the lawyers decide which hydrating product (water, Gatorade, or PowerAde) is best for them. She needs to do a presentation that explains the pros and cons takeing into consideration the effect on their health and overall wellness. For most of your life you have been drinking water a

    John Snow as the founder of modern epidemiology

    A summary of the works of John Snow and the premise in which his experiments were formulated. How did he explain that abdominal pain is the first symptom of cholera and how does this work demonstrate the scientific method?

    Infectious Disease

    Pick an infectious disease in which you are interested in, such as Tuberculosis, AIDS, the Bird Flu, Anthrax, or Chickenpox. As part of your investigation, select a population of interest. For example, a particular race or ethnicity and how they relate to your infectious disease. Include the following information: a. Describ

    Medical Futility

    Define medical futility and discuss the ethical implications of futility in the context of Resource Allocation. Should patients or their families have say as to what constitutes futile treatment? Or is the decision best left to the physician?

    A few questions about diet are included.

    1)The rate of obesity in America is steadily increasing along with the incidence of adult-onset diabetes. What role does family, lifestyle, and psychological issues play in obesity? What health-related risk factors increase with obesity? Keeping these factors in mind, how would you address the issues of health and wellness with

    A self practice exercise is empphasized in health care.

    Select one public sector not-for-profit health agency within the United States health care system. Describe the type of health organization: government, quasi-government, or voluntary. Examples include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Indian Health Service, Quality Improvement Organizations (QIO), the American Hea


    Prepare a three to four page list (forty sources) of scholarly journal articles that relate to the topic of off-shoring an IT/accounting team to a low labor cost country. Very important: You need to ensure that you are using only scholarly, peer reviewed journals for you reference list. Specifically, the bibliography list

    Education - indicator of socioeconomic status?

    Education is often used as an indicator of a persons socioeconomic status. Historically, the number of years of schooling completed has been recorded in the Census of Population as a measure of education. Critics say that this measure is no longer accurate as a measure of education. Comment and support your reasoning in deta

    Off-Shoring an IT/Accounting Team

    Prepare a three to four page list (forty sources) of scholarly journal articles that relate to the topic of off-shoring an IT/accounting team to a low labor cost country. Specifically, the bibliography list is needed to answer questions if outsourcing or off-shoring will result in cost savings, if customer satisfaction will

    Healthcare: Emerging Ethical Issues

    Select an emerging issue that will pose new ethical dilemmas for healthcare. For example, technology integration, innovation testing, genetic mapping, stem cell research, etc. QUESTIONS: 1. Using APA format, analyze whether global competition affects U.S. healthcare policy? 2. For example, stem cell research in Euro


    Osteoarthritis: Summarize and current hypothesis, or casual theories or ideas proposed to explain the distributions by person, place, and time in literature, on the web, or ideas you have about why something might be true---for ex., if you find a gender difference, why might that be? Conclude by pointing out what is NOT known ab