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HIV Intervention Study Design

In this attached study,can you 1).expound/discuss the financial incentive offered to participants? 2). What exactly is the study design used. Is it considered an experiment and why?
3). Can you explain the concept of randomization?

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In the proposed experiments, health care practitioners at the Emergency department identified which patients were at risk of HIV and directed them to counseling and testing programs. As an incentive for the patients, once they completed the counseling and were tested for HIV, they were given a monetary incentive in the amount of $25.

This study was based in a quasi-experimental design with two nonrandomized groups, one considered the study group in which the financial incentive intervention was put in place and the control group (ran on alternate months). It is considered a type of experimental design useful when randomization is ...

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The solution involves discussion of a HIV intervention using a quasi-experimental design and the concept of randomization.