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    Example of an article with quasi-experimental design

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    Find a recent (i.e., no more than 5 years old) article in a peer-reviewed journal that reports an empirical research study using a quasi-experimental design. Describe the study -- the research question, the treatment, what was measured, and how the treatment and control groups were formed. What made this a quasi-experiment instead of a true experiment? Assess what would have been needed to make this a true experiment and how feasible that would have been.

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    To provide you with an example of a quasi-experimental design, I have used the following paper:

    Integrated Gender-Based Violence and HIV Risk Reduction Intervention for South African Men: Results of a Quasi-Experimental Field Trial

    From the journal Prevention Science, published 2009. It can be accessed at the link below:


    This study focused on gender based violence and its relation to HIV in South Africa. The research question probed the use of an intervention design to influence attitudes and behaviours of South African men. Men from two towns were enrolled in either a gender based violence/HIV intervention category or an ...