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    Scholarly Journal References

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    Prepare a three to four page list (forty sources) of scholarly journal articles that relate to the topic of off-shoring an IT/accounting team to a low labor cost country.

    Very important: You need to ensure that you are using only scholarly, peer reviewed journals for you reference list.

    Specifically, the bibliography list is needed to answer questions if outsourcing or off-shoring will result in cost savings, if customer satisfaction will increase or drop, if the company will benefit from it or not, the pros and cons, etc.

    The sources should be listed following the APA Publication Manual, 5th Edition (like in the attached sample). Those must be scholarly, peer reviewed journals only. See attached example - same is needed, just for the above topic.

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    The solution is a bibliography of 40 scholarly journal articles that pertain to off-shoring an IT/accounting team.