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    Epidemiology (Population-Based Health Studies)

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    Improving population Health from birth

    Please help me to explain the phrase: "we are all born equal," and how it constrains how society thinks about early life.... What does this concept overlook or mask? Identify and explain how life origins and health can influence adult morbidity... What are two challenges to addressing the upstream risk and protective dete

    The Use of ProMed to Detect Outbreaks

    Please help weighing the benefits and the potential problems of using ProMed for surveillance purposes. I need an elaborate response and some examples. Please provide some references, as well, so that I may investigate further.

    The Use of ProMED-Mail

    Please provide the advantages of using the ProMED-mail system to track the outbreak of diseases internationally.

    The Importance of Epidemiology Research

    An example of an area in which an epidemiologist might specialize is in the design of research studies. How would the epidemiologist's contributions to a research study be different from those of other public health professionals?

    Wildfire Disaster Planning

    Identify three lessons learned during the recent wildfires in California. What improvements can be made to pre-fire planning?


    Explain the etiology of two of the following: TB, measles, rabies, salmonella, or any other public health concern not discussed in this chapter (feel free to use the epidemiological triangle in your task). Then discuss the epidemiological importance of an in-apparent infection.

    Discussing Type 1 and 2 Error

    Discuss the two types of error, Type I and Type II, which can be committed and give an example of how this could affect the outcome a study dealing with cholesterol levels in adults.

    A Discussion on Health Coverage

    Discuss three ideas for community preparedness training in an effort to increase the effectiveness of "spontaneous volunteers".

    Nuclear Disasters: Chernobyl

    Select a historical chemical/radiological disaster in the last century and discuss the mental health impacts of the event. Please cite your sources. What are some public health tools that could be used to deal with the immediate and long-term effects on mental health?

    Biological Weapons

    Which is more likely to be a threat to national public health in the next 10 years: bioterrorism or explosion/bombings? Why?

    Texas Public Health System

    You have been asked to prepare a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation for new members of the Board of Health in your state. These new members are not public health professionals. They require definitions, an overview of the historical background of public health, examples of the workforce, core functions, core concepts and controve

    Social epidemiology

    We know that epidemiology looks at the distribution of diseases within specific populations. On the other hand, social epidemiology looks at social behavior and other factors to determine how they affect the distribution of disease within a population. Consider where you live, either in a state, city, or neighborhood community l

    Global Disease Epidemiology

    Choose a broadcast on a disease that's being discussed, - findings of the disease - the issue being presented - the country the disease is occurring - how does it relate to global disease epidemiology - was there anything of interest

    Analyzing Epidemiological Data

    Please help analyzing epidemiological data on a developed nation, a 'second world' country, and an underdeveloped third world country. Based on the review of global health disparities across inter/intra national countries, analyze data by the use of epidemiological analytical methods to infer the factors or causes for these pub

    Epidemiology: Cause And Effect

    Do epidemiological studies demonstrate cause and effect? Is there a difference between epidemiological cause and effect and medical or statistical cause and effect? Are there health models to support your argument?

    Cause and Effect of Disease

    1. Explaining the difference between establishing risk factors and prevention and demonstrating cause and effect of disease? What is the difference between epidemiological research and clinical or medical research? 2. Analyze the criteria for establishing a cause and effect relationship with respect to health/disease an

    Application of Epidemiology to Obesity

    Need assistance in analyzing the obesity problem in the U.S. as compared to another developed country in which the obesity problem is not as significant. Include factors such as age, gender, race, socioeconomic status, and marital status in your analysis. Need assistance hypothesizing the reason why the rate of obesity is higher

    Clinical Epidemiology and Decision Making Case Study

    Need assistance in 4-8 pages with the following: "The Pew Center on Global Climate Change reported in September 2011 that the number of flood damages in the Northeast continues to rise. In Wilkes-Barre, PA, 75,000 people were evacuated as the Susquehanna River crested at a record of 42.7 feet. An estimated 5,400 homes and bus

    Descriptive Epidemiology Case Study

    Robert Bazell, chief science correspondent for NBC News (2010) stated that the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, as well as other hospitals throughout the country, are swamped with type-2 diabetes. The news gets worst. Just seven (7) years ago, the CDC reported that one (1) in ten (10) Americans would contract thi

    Analyzing an Article for Biased Language

    Application: Analyzing an Article for Biased Language This week, you have seen how APA not only prescribes a standard way of communicating, but the organization also provides guidance to you on writing in ways that reflect sensitivity to the dignity of others. To prepare for this assignment: - Review the APA Manual material o

    Morbidity and Screening Procedures

    Need assistance with the following along with a reference: - Suggest how understanding the course of a disease can be used to better measure and interpret morbidity. Provide specific examples to support your response. - Analyze various sources of morbidity data and how morbidity can be measured using incidence and prevalence

    Surveillance System Overview

    I would appreciate any help I can receive in brief: 1. Provide an overview of a surveillance system and the data. 2. An analysis of the data quality and the instrument used. 3. Identify a trend, patterns of chronic disease in the data and risk factors by age, sex, race/ethnic, group and socioeconomic status. 4. Sugge

    Health System Analysis

    Hi, I need help with an outline: The organization and financing of the health care system is different for each country. Politics, culture, wealth, history, and environmental factors influence the development and distribution of health services. I am choosing Vietnam to analyze its health system in terms of cost, quality