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    Wildfire Disaster Planning

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    Identify three lessons learned during the recent wildfires in California. What improvements can be made to pre-fire planning?

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    Wildfire disasters can be very hard to prevent because it happens spontaneously and abruptly during the summer months. One of the lesson learned from a wildfire is that when vegetation ( grasses and weeds) are clear around homes, this can trigger a "perfect conditions for high winds and large fires to flow undisturbed called laminar flow." (1) By cutting down trees and shrubs, one create a clear space to welcome the flow of winds and fire to the area. By clearing away vegetation, there will be no barriers to create disturbance and turbulence that can slow down the dry wind and fire that followed it. The solution or improvement that can be made to prevent the uninterrupted flow of fire is by allowing thinned natural vegetation to remain and be irrigated. The low growing , hydrated ground covers and shrubs can disturb and cool the fire and it may also ...

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    This in-depth solution explores the causes of wildfire disasters such as strong winds, drought and improper irrigation systems and also detailed improvements with real-life examples. References used are included.