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    Illness Transmissibility Factors in Natural Disasters

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    Many factors can serve to promote the occurrence of communicable disease transmission following a natural disaster. I'm trying to figure out how one or two factors can increase the risk of transmission.

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    Several things happen in natural disasters that you may want to consider. First is the destruction of infrastructure, particularly the accessibility of clean water. A good example of this that you can find online is the ongoing cholera outbreak in Haiti. The history of John Snow and the Broad Street pump is another example. Other diarrheal illnesses from coliform bacterial contamination of water supplies also can occur, along with typhoid fever. The transmission of these illnesses is enhanced by the convergence of large populations of people in ...

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    Following natural disasters, infrastructure destruction, massed populations, arthropod and rodent population increases, and habitat destruction all foster conditions for increased disease transmission. Illness transmissibility factors in natural disasters are examined.