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the stability of society with environmental quality

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Do you feel that the stability of society ever depends upon environmental quality? Something to think about: are wars fought over water?

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Yes, I vehemently feel that the stability of society strongly depends upon environmental quality. So many illnesses are currently linked to environmental toxins. Although wars are typically fought over water, private battles occurs are citizens suffer from illnesses that I feel are directly effects of an unhealthy environment.

This article also alleges how the collapse of the Soviet Union can attributed slightly to environmental factors (http://www.lcgbangladesh.org/Environment/reports/The%20impact%20of%20Environment%20on%20the%20stability%20of%20Bangladesh%20society.pdf). It also traces how as far back as the ancient Mesopotamian societies, intensified agriculture, which lead to soil depletion, negatively affected society's stability, making a case for this message as well.

The article identifies "eight major environmental factors which have contributed to societal strains in the past. These are: Deforestation and habitat change, Soil problems (erosion, salinisation, soil fertility loss), Water management problems, Over hunting, Over fishing, Effects of introduced species on local species, Human population growth, and Increased per capita impact of people. To these he added four modern factors: Human climate change, Toxic chemical pollution, Energy shortage, Full utilisation of photosynthesis by man. It is clear that no society ever collapsed purely because of environmental problems, but it is instructive to look at the role of environmental factors along with other contributory factors" (http://www.lcgbangladesh.org/Environment/reports/The%20impact%20of%20Environment%20on%20the%20stability%20of%20Bangladesh%20society.pdf).

As you explore environmental health issues such as water quality and the impact on ...

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Research aligns the stability of society with environmental quality in this guide.

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Explain and discuss the systems implications of expanding definitions of sustainability to go beyond measurements of environmental impact, and to also include economic and social elements. In order to address this, you might discuss and synthesize the inter-relationships between total quality management, and learning organization approaches to problem solving and action. Think about how systems principles can be implemented in real-world contexts. How might you explain the core, "root cause" assumptions that underlie modern industrial society, and that explain society's potential inability to sustain itself much further into the future?

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