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    PESTEL: United States

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    Please help with examining and provide a detailed PESTEL analysis on the United States of America.

    response should be in depth.

    Please provide in text citations and references. References must be from recent credible sources and listed at the end of the response.

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    In compliance with BrainMass rules this is not a hand in ready PESTEL analysis but is only guidance.

    The United States is a democracy having transparent and credible election. The elected representatives, especially the President of the United States of America has considerable influence over both national and global policymaking. The US is recognized as the top superpower. The country however faces regular threats from terror groups. The United States is a federal presidential constitutional republic. The current president is Barack Obama and the Vice President is Joe Biden. The country will have elections in November 2016 and the two candidates for presidency are Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton. The government of United States is such that there is majority rule but minority rights are protected by law. The government is also regulated by checks and balances. The result is that there is political stability in the United States (7). The power and military might of US ensures that the risk of military invasion is relatively low, and the country is well protected by trade regulations.

    The economy of the United States is strong. The Nominal GDP according to 2015 figures is $18.060 trillion. The per capita GDP is $57,220 according to 2016 figures (1) (2). The current annual growth rate is 2%. The US is the largest economy in the world. The inflation rate measured by the cost of living index is 1.3% and the unemployment rate is 4.7% (3). The United States is a mixed economy. There is free enterprise, but there is government intervention in the operation of the economy to bring about stability. The government intervention is mainly through fiscal policy, and monetary policy. The government normally does not set prices but it provides ...

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