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A Mumps Epidemic - Iowa, 2006

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A large proportion of the mumps cases in Iowa were among vaccinated persons. Why wasn't it concluded that the vaccine was not working? 300 words with references.

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Mumps Epidemic - Iowa, 2006

In the world of public health; vaccines are critical tools. For decades; and amidst controversies; they have improved and saved numerous lives. They facilitate our bodies and immune systems to be better able to recognize infections and even before we come in contact with them-they 'alert' our immune systems; like a warning of sorts; so we can fight infections off faster and easier if we are ever exposed. Vaccines can be complex at times; however, for example, if a large number of people have been vaccinated from a disease; the protection can go beyond protecting just those individuals who has been vaccinated: This is ...

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The 2006 mumps epidemic in Iowa are examined.