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    Context Data Flow Diagram

    Please see the attached file for necessary information. Problem: Draw a Context Data Flow Diagram based on the attached information.

    Entity Relationship Modeling

    Looking to build an entity relationship model. --- Question 1 The manager of the Ogre Hostel, needs you help in building an IT to manage the hostel. Visitors come from all over to the woodlands to their annual reunion at the hostel. Cutting costs, visitors share rooms. Rooms have numbers and are of various types. Room ty

    Driver Log Tables for Huffman trucking

    Using MS Access, create the preliminary (no keys and no relationships) database tables for the Driver Log ERD in Huffman Trucking on the Virtual Organization portal, which is attached . Please create all (3) Driver Log tables with the correct number of columns and the correct data types. For example, a date column should b

    MS Access database for a library

    I need some help. I have to create a MS Access database for a library. The database would keep information on books, customers, past due fines, etc...Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 1. Please create a MS Access Database for a library Making MS Access database of books, CDs, audio tapes, users, and employees.

    Database Concepts and Modeling

    Discuss why a company or organization would migrate to a relational database architecture from a network or hierarchical architecture. What are some of the factors that should be considered when transferring data from one database architecture to another?

    Revise Relational Database Schema

    13.4 Assume that GAP is developing its database using object-oriented methods. Assume further that the database designers want to make some changes to the class diagram on next page. Specifically, they want to make ProductItem an abstract parent class (entity) from which more specific product classes are specialized. Thre

    Sequence and equation

    Place the following terms into a logical sequence. Tell why you chose this sequence.(Note: Present your reordered terms in your suggested sequence. Do not use numbers or other methods to indicate the changed sequence.) Character Data Warehouse Database

    DataBase for Clothing Store

    Please create a database for ClothingStore using microsoft access I request that you observe the following guidelines: * Name the database ClothingStore.mdb * Include a table for Customers, Orders and Products. * Each Customer places one or many Orders. * Each Order is placed by one and only one Customer.

    Business Rules

    Need to do business rules for the following: Scenario - Discuss database design: 1. Colors for models: a. Classic red, blue, green b. Competition: silver, black c. RoboZid: baby blue, pink, yellow. 2. Personalizaton limits: a. Classic: 1 line, 12 letters b. Competition 2 lines

    Question About ER Diagram

    The State and Capital relations, shown in the attached figure are described as follows: - State (StateAbbrev, StateName, EnteredUnionOrder, StateBird, StatePopulation) - Capital (Capital Name, State Abbrev, YearDesignated, PhoneAreaCode, CapitalPopulation) - Foreign key: StateAbbrev to State relation - Add the attribute

    Please answer me for these questions in detail for each question.

    Exercise 1 In the following exercises, you will use the data in the Premiere Products database (shown in the attachment). Explain how you would use SQL to obtain the desired results: 1.Craete the TopLevelCust view described in the following: Using data from the Premiere Products database, define a view named TopLevelCust.

    Discussing the Concept of Normalization

    Question: In your own words, explain the concept of normalization. What does normalization accomplish? What are the advantages of normalization? In general, how do you go about normalizing a relation?

    Sample Entity Relationship Diagram

    Create an Entity Relationship Diagram for the information content of your textbook. Here are the Contents Preface Introduction Part 1: The Narratives Chapter 1: Layering Chapter 2: Organizing Domain Logic Chapter 3: Mapping to Relational Databases Chapter 4: Web Presentation Chapter 5: Concurrency Chapter 6: Ses

    Intro to database - Crow's Foot model; ERD; Entities

    Meridian News publishes a daily newspaper and would like a database developed to maintain information about subscribers and subscriptions. Each subscriber is uniquely identified by a subscriber number and is also characterized by first name, last name, address, and phone number. Each subscription is uniquely identified by a subs

    Database systems - conversion: unnormalized relation, 1NF, 2NF, 3NF

    Nazca Cinemas is a small movie theater that would like you to design a movie scheduling database system for them. The theater has four rooms (screens). Each room has its own unique ID and the seating capacity and screen size for each are recorded. Each movie is assigned a unique movie ID and its title and runtime are recorded.

    Database - conversion: unnormalized relation, 1NF, 2NF, 3NF

    The following unnormalized relation shows a modified version of the Nazca Cinemas case problem. A ShowingID attribute has been added to the relation. Each individual showing (a given movie in a given room on a given date at a given time) of a movie is given its own unique ShowingID. Using the modified version of the unnormalized

    Intro to Database

    Please help with review questions ... 1. List the entities shown 2. What is the primary key for each entity? 3. Are there any multivalued attributes shown? If so, discuss how it/they should be handled in the implementation of the relational database ... (Please see attachment for figures and complete list of questions.

    Data Fields Microsoft Words

    Using Microsoft Word, list all of the data fields that would be needed for a sales contact database system. Think of it as an extended address book with additional fields to keep track of things that interest salespeople. The only requirements are that you must consider how to store notes about the contact, track any follow up


    Start Access, and then open the FirmPays database. Open the query named " June 2". View the query in SQL and answer the following questions. Explain your answers. Which tables are used in the query? Which fields are displayed in the query results? What type of join is used between the tables? What selection criter

    Please explain the following

    Professional Litigation User Services (PLUS) is a company that creates all types of visual aids for judicial proceedings. Clients are usually private law firms, although the District Attorney's office has occasionally contracted for its services. PLUS creates graphs, maps, timetables, and charts, both for computerized presentati

    Introduction to Database Systems

    Create a Chen ERD and A Crow's foot ERD for ach of the following descriptions. a. Each sports arena skybox is leased by exactly one company. A company may lease many skyboxes. b. A cow is owned by one ranch, but each ranch may own many cows. c. A life insurance policy covers one person, but a person may have many life insu


    I am using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 1. Using the tables in the attached doc, write Microsoft SQL statements to enter ten more records into the for each table. There are 9 tables to this database To get me started I need SQL script example for each table and I will fill out the 9 other records.